Top Achievements

  • 66 organisational members
  • Partnership agreement with AGREE Research Trust (ART)
  • Regional GIN Symposium Europe “Guidelines on the Danube” in Vienna and Budapest
  • GIN-WHO Workshop on Guideline Development in Budapest
  • Publication – Fervers B, Burgers JS, Haugh MC, Latreille J, Mlika-Cabanne N, Paquet L, Coulombe M, Poirier M, Burnand B. Adaptation of clinical guidelines: literature review and proposition for a framework and procedure. International Journal of Quality in Health Care 2006:18(3):167-176. 
  • 2nd membership survey undertaken
  • GIN Satellite Symposium to HTAi 2006 in Australia
  • Agreement between ÄZQ and GIN for the provision of part time secretary and webmaster