GIN is a Scottish charity, operating globally – our aim is to improve the quality of health and health-related guidelines throughout the world, while reducing duplication of efforts, by supporting collaboration.  We are funded by the annual fees paid by our members. We have 110 organisational members and around 150 individual members. Within GIN we operate seven regional communities and thirteen working groups which support collaboration on an international basis; this can involve working together on methodology, writing publications as well as developing toolkits all with the aim of improving the quality of guidelines. We are also in the process of starting our own journal which we plan to launch in 2023. GIN is run by a very small staff plus the huge inputs of our voluntary board of trustees as well as many of our members who lead important initiatives. Without these volunteers, GIN could not continue to produce the resources and provide the support that we do.

GIN normally holds an annual conference and we also have joined forces with a partner, McMaster university, to develop and provide a training program to credential guideline developers – INGUIDE.  Each year, we aim to provide funding support to Working Groups, as well as to members, prioritising LMIC members to gain access to our training program or to participate in our conference.

GIN welcomes donations of any size to help support our activities.  If you would like to donate to GIN, please click button below.