Rachel Christensen is a fourth-year medical student at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. She is a Steering Committee member of the GIN Guidelines in Medical Education Working Group and has a particular interest in the incorporation of guidelines training into medical school educational curricula. She is also an active member of the GIN Collaboration Working Group through which she recently led a project to develop a guideline collaboration glossary. She serves as a member on the Committee on Invasive Tumor Evidence-Based Recommendations, an organization for the development of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for the management of uncommon and rare skin and soft tissue tumors. She has completed the Level 2 Guideline Methodologist Certification Course through the GIN-McMaster International Guideline Development Credentialing and Certification Program (INGUIDE) and has participated as a methodologist on several dermatology guideline projects. 

Rachel has published over 15 peer reviewed manuscripts and has presented over 35 scientific abstracts. She is a peer reviewer for several journals including Archives of Dermatological Research, Lasers in Medical Science, Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, and International Journal of Dermatology. She has prior experience with scientific conference coordination, including her role as the organizer for the 2022 Society for Investigative Dermatology Research in Cutaneous Surgery Symposium.