Yasser Amer is a Pediatrician, Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) Methodologist, Informaticist, Quality Specialist, & Researcher at the Departments of Pediatrics and Quality Management at King Saud University Medical City, Research Chair for Evidence-Based Health Care and Knowledge Translation, King Saud University (Saudi Arabia). He was Co-founder, general coordinator, GIN contact for Alexandria Center for EBCPGs, Alexandria University (Egypt).

Yasser has a decade of working experience in adapting, implementing, evaluating, and digitizing CPGs, a member of GIN (since 2009) & its Working Groups, Cochrane, RIGHT-WG, UK-Faculty of Public Health, and Consultancy Board Member, Egyptian Pediatric CPGs Committee.

His research has focused on CPG adaptation and implementation, Pediatrics, & Healthcare Quality and Safety. Peer reviewer (e.g. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, International Journal of EBHC, Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, and Systematic Reviews). Lead author, two formal adaptation methodologies for CPGs: ‘Adapted ADAPTE‘ & ‘KSU-Modified-ADAPTE’.