GIN, JBI, Cochrane, Campbell, the Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare, the Centre for Evidence-based Health Care and NICE recently partnered again for World EBHC Day 2022 campaign, ‘Partnerships for Purpose’. 

The 2022 campaign examined partnerships and practical considerations around establishing different types of partnerships, accelerating innovation, ensuring equity and integrity, overcoming challenges and biases, lessons learned and achieving impact for improved health outcomes globally.

‘EBHC day 2022 gave us an ideal opportunity to consciously review and evaluate the plethora of partnerships and learn from colleagues around the globe, raising the bar in best practice. While advances in technology have facilitated international partnerships and collaborations, as leaders, we have a duty to ensure that conflicts remain transparently managed to ensure equity among participants, leading to benefits and positive, purposeful partnerships for all involved. A massive thanks to everyone involved for making the day such a success”. GIN CEO Elaine Harrow.

As the conversations continue around ‘Partnerships for Purpose’, see how 919 organisations across 123 countries celebrated #WorldEBHCDay and got involved in the 2022 campaign. Go to the digital media presentation for a complete wrap-up: