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EC Community February 2011

EC Community Update - a welcome to 2011

EC Community survey of preferred attributes for guidelines

This work was initiated from the original list of priorities we asked the group to contribute to which included exploring formats of guidelines. A small working party was convened to develop the survey and plan the activity. The survey was open for a month resulting in 206 respondents from over 30 countries. The largest group of contributors were from the US, Canada, UK and Australia. It was pleasing to see responses from Botswana, Singapore, Turkey, South Africa and from clinicians on cruise ships in international waters - a setting I hadn't considered! Thank you to all that assisted in the piloting phase and that forwarded the survey to colleagues. More news to come as the results are finalised and a report prepared.

8th G-I-N Conference in Seoul, South Korea from 28-31 August 2011

The Asian Pacific Evidence Base Network are hosts for the conference this year - 'Linking evidence policy and practice'. Abstracts close on the 14th February. Some important details:

  • Abstracts close on the 14 February
  • EC Community will be submitting an abstract on the results of the survey - let me know if you intend to be at the conference as it would be great for one of the EC Community to present the findings on behalf of the working group.
  • An implementation workshop focussing on emergency care and primary care is planned, however the principles could be applied to any health care setting.
  • Options to support an individual to attend the conference from a low income country are being explored - if interested please contact me

Welcome to a new member of the EC Community

Dr Yasser Sami Amer, Hospital Clinical Guidelines & Pathway Coordinator, from the Alexandria University Faculty of Medicine has joined the EC Community.

Yasser has been involved in adapting and localising guidelines and completed the guideline for theTreatment of Acute Childhood Asthma.

Check out the NHMRC Emergency Care Gateway

A new look site with resources and links:

This site has a feature page that has protocols developed from the Heart Foundation guidelines for Acute Coronary Syndrome. If you have a site or resource of interest please let me know so that it can be shared.

enGINe - G-I-N January newsletter

Lots of news on G-I-N activities and an update of the latest literature related to guidelines and implementation.

Really worth reading.

Got a question or query?

If you have guideline development or implementation question or are you looking for a resource there will be someone from this group that can help - please don't hesitate to send the group an email or contact me at

I am looking forward to an exciting year with some new potential partnerships and interesting activities to be involved with.

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