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EC Community January 2012

This page outlines some of the key activities of the G-I-N EC Community. If you would like to receive regular updates and be on the emailing list please contact Sue Huckson at for a login.

International Survey of Emergency Care Practitioners

A survey was undertaken in December 2010 to identify the preferred attributes and formats of guidelines to improve the usability and uptake of evidence based recommendations. Results of the survey were presented at the 9th G-I-N Conference (2011) held in Seoul.

The results of this survey have now been published in the International Journal of Emergency Medicine:
Aboulsoud S, Huckson S, Wyer P, Lang E. Survey of preferred guideline attributes: what helps to make guidelines more useful for emergency health practitioners?Int J Emerg Med 2012;5(1):42.

Partnership with International Federation of Emergency Medicine (IFEM)

In 2011 IFEM and Guideline International Network (G-I-N) signed a partnership agreement to work together through the G-I-N Emergency Care Community special interest group to:

  • identify clinical priority areas/topics where there is an evidence practice gap within the emergency care sector or interface (acknowledging that primary care services are also provided in some regions at this point)
  • identify relevant guidelines and assess their quality using AGREE – engaging the clinical community more broadly to be involved in this activity (this exercise will also identify gaps where guidelines might be required)
  • suggest a range of recommendations that may be appropriate for implementation
  • seek to undertake small pilot projects to test implementation of recommendations.
Page last updated: Dec 05, 2013
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