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EC Community April 2010

ICEM EC Community workshop

Find below the outline of the G-I-N EC Community workshop program. Please forward this to your colleagues who may be attending the conference and would interested in this topic.

13th International Conference on Emergency Medicine: 9-12th June 2010 - Singapore

Research Track (RES3): Thursday 10 June 2010 (1600 - 1800 hrs)

Workshop on Evidence Based Medicine


Title of Presentation



1600 - 1605

GIN & the GIN EC Community

Prof Peter Cameron


1605 - 1625

What sort of guidelines does the EM sector need?

Prof Matthew Cooke


1625 - 1645

Introduction to AGREE

A/Prof Atul Kapur


1645 - 1720

Prioritising Implementation Principles for Chest Pain Guidelines
- Prioritising guideline recommendations

Dr Annitha Annathurai
Mr Scott Bennetts
Dr Joanne Fisher



1720 - 1755

Barriers and Enablers in Chest Pain Guideline Implementation
-Reviewing local barriers and enablers
-Effective implementation strategies

Dr Peter Pang
Mr Scott Bennetts
Dr Joanne Fisher

Hong Kong


1755 - 1800

Conclusions and Closing Remarks

Ms Sue Huckson


Summary of March EC Community teleconference

Topic: Formats of guidelines or guideline implementation resources specific for Emergency Care?

The purpose of the teleconference was to discuss key elements of guidelines that would increase their uptake in the emergency care sector.

The points raised included:

  • Integrating guideline recommendations into work processes eg operationalise recommendations into medical order sets, or in situations where electronic medical records are in place electronic decision support systems
  • Prioritising guideline recommendations - not to many to make implementation unmanageable
  • The guideline recommendations should include measurable elements
  • Requesting guideline developers to consider recommendations for different contexts given the broad practice settings for emergency care including pre hospital
  • The possibility of applying an AGREE like process to guidelines recommendations

The participants suggested the following activities initially:

  • The development of principles that could be used to inform developers on the formats of guidelines for Emergency Care eg incorporating guideline recommendations into work flow processes and encourage grading of recommendations
  • Undertaking a survey of the clinical community to identify and prioritise the features of guidelines that they consider support the uptake of evidence

This could build on information from the workshop in Singapore, please let me know if you are interested in helping plan this activity (the who, what, where and when) - possibly using survey monkey as 'the how'.

Articles of possible interest

Have any articles or resources for sharing, please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like and further information.

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