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About the LMIC


Brief background:

The GIN Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) Working Group (WG) was created in 2015, to build a platform wherein issues related to resource-constrained health-care settings could be shared. This is an area of great need, not only in most developing countries, but also in some higher income societies wherein guideline development is at a nascent stage.


Aims of the Working Group:

  • To develop a network of people and institutions in developed and developing countries sharing a common goal to enhance health-care in developing countries
  • To support activities targeted towards understanding the process of guideline development and utilisation in resource-constrained health-care settings, especially in developing countries
  • To explore methods to promote guideline development, adaptation, dissemination, implementation and research within developing countries.
  • To build capacity and capability at the institutional level in low resource settings- that can foster a culture of scientifically robust guideline development, implementation and monitoring.

Strategies proposed to achieve these aims:

  • Provide a platform within GIN for members to share experiences and expertise to facilitate guideline related activities in low resource settings.
  • Explore how the available GIN resources (materials, products, personnel) can be best used to support overall GIN goals in low resource settings, especially developing countries
  • Identify methods for adoption and/or adaption of guideline recommendations in resource constrained settings
  • Identify opportunities for research and building the knowledge base specifically related to aspects of guideline development and implementation
  • Provide mentorship for guideline developers and implementers in resource constrained settings
  • Organise and promote events within the annual GIN conference that could foster the overall aims of GIN and also the Working Group.  
  • Interact with other GIN working groups to encourage feedback and avoid duplication of effort
  • Promote capacity building in guidelines adaptation and development through workshops, lectures and mentorships in resource constrained settings.
  • Support regional meetings within resource constrained settings.


How does this group work together?

  • We primarily use email for communication
  • Where feasible web based forums are used eg  Skype, Linkedin and Twitter
  • Teleconference two to three times each year
  • A face to face meeting is held during the annual GIN Conferences


You are welcome to join:

Any current GIN member is welcome to join the LMIC WG. Please email indicating your interest and we will add you to the group. In case you would like to discuss any specific issue without joining the group, please feel free to contact us.






Page last updated: Dec 04, 2020
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