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Which of the following guideline implementation tools, processes or strategies does your organisation currently produce, or plan to use, and which are best applied by intermediaries or end users?



Current activity in my org
Planned activity within 1 year in my org
Planned activity within 5 years in my org
Best done by intermediary
Best done by end user
Not sure

Not Responded

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Comment - mandatory if "no"


Intermediary: Any other individual or organisation.

End user: Practicing clinician OR healthcare service provider organisation.  Does not include health care funding agencies.

Org: Your organisation.

Survey Matrix Question Publishing of summaries of guidelines for practitioners
Survey Matrix Question C source code Publishing of summaries of guidelines for patients / public
Survey Matrix Question Chapter or section in the guideline which specifically discusses implementation
Survey Matrix Question application/x-troff-ms Decision algorithms / diagrams
Survey Matrix Question Octet Stream Training materials / media
Survey Matrix Question Guidance on how to implement guidelines in addition to the guideline document itself
Survey Matrix Question Tools for calculating the cost of adopting guideline recommendations
Survey Matrix Question ECMAScript program Audit tools or performance or quality measures
Survey Matrix Question Standards (performance or quality measures with normative statements about required performance)
Survey Matrix Question Guideline media-launch functions or conference presentations
Survey Matrix Question Meetings with clinical and other networks for general discussion / promotion of a guideline
Survey Matrix Question Delivery of formal clinical training on the guideline
Survey Matrix Question text/texmacs Interactive media (e.g. webinars / web-meetings for practitioners, RSS, podcasts)
Survey Matrix Question Social networking tools (e.g. Facebook/Bebo/Twitter or other)
Survey Matrix Question Clinical decision support software version of guideline (for computer-assisted application at the point of care)
Survey Matrix Question Barrier / enabler analysis or other ‘implementability’ analysis to explore what will be required to implement a guideline
Survey Matrix Question Full implementation plan: a detailed report setting out steps and costs of implementing a particular guideline (this could be at national, regional or local level)
Survey Matrix Question chemical/x-pdb Set-up and management of practice- or systems-change projects (e.g. national quality improvement projects, regional or local clinical pathway development)
Page last updated: Jul 20, 2010
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