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G-I-N Implementation activity survey

The Guidelines International Network (G-I-N) wishes to survey guideline organisations to understand the implementation activities of different stakeholders in each country  – and how G-I-N can support guideline implementation.

The results of this survey will be compiled, summarised and sent to all respondents by 30 September 2010. They will also be considered by the G-I-N Board in strategic planning about what services can be most useful for G-I-N members.

4 important details:

  1. For the purpose of the survey, implementation activities are the use of any media, tools, processes or strategies intended to encourage or ensure compliance with a guideline.
  2. This survey should be ideally be completed by someone in your organisation who is knowledgeable about current and planned guideline implementation activity.
  3. Note that completion of the survey may require up to 10 minutes, perhaps less.
  4. Please respond by Friday 20 August 2010.

Thank you for your time,

The G-I-N Implementation Working Group

John Fraser, Dave Davis, Ilkka Kunnamo, Heather Buchan, Magali Remy-Stockinger

Question details


Intermediary: Any other individual or organisation.

End user: Practicing clinician OR healthcare service provider organisation.  Does not include health care funding agencies.

Org: Your organisation.

Question Current activity in my org Planned activity within 1 year in my org Planned activity within 5 years in my org Best done by intermediary Best done by end user Not sure
Page last updated: Oct 13, 2010
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