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About the Implementation Working Group


    1. Alert members to and/or offer implementation training opportunities
    2. Connect G-I-N members with others that have implementation expertise
    3. Assemble and/or develop, and provide access to implementation tools and guidance
    4. Undertake research that will advance the science and practice of guideline implementation


     Recent publications based on IWG projects

    (1)   Gagliardi AR, Alhabib S and the Guidelines International Network Implementation Working Group. Trends in guideline implementation: A scoping systematic review. Implement Sci 2015; 10: 54.

    (2)   Gagliardi AR, Marshall C, Huckson S, James R, Moore V. Developing a checklist for guideline implementation planning: review and synthesis of guideline development and implementation advice. Implement Sci 2015; 10: 19.


    Collaboration with G-I-N Public

    Thus far, participants include Corinna Schaefer, Heather Buchan, Robin Vernooij, Melina Willson and Jorma Kormulainen, and the following projects are underway:

    (1)   Systematic review of self-management to describe the format/content/delivery characteristics associated with impact, thereby identifying the types of information/tools that could accompany guidelines and support implementation.

    (2)   Create a toolkit/directory that offers information/links to existing resources (academic publications, web sites, guides) on how to develop patient-oriented resources (guideline summaries, leaflets/brochures, decision aids, etc.) to accompany guidelines and support implementation.


    Guideline questionnaires

    To compile an inventory of guideline questionnaires, we are conducting a systematic review of guideline questionnaires that assess knowledge, attitudes, barriers, and intended/self-reported behaviour.

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