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About the Implementation Working Group


The primary purpose of the Implementation Working Group (IWG) is to build capacity for guideline implementation. To do so, the IWG will:

  1. Progress the science of guideline implementation by generating knowledge and associated outputs/products on how to plan, undertake, enable and evaluate guideline implementation
  2. Promote the practice of guideline implementation by sharing knowledge and tools, and organising and offering training opportunities.


Recently Completed Projects

  • Phase 1 of the CAN-Implement.Pro study is complete (publication pending). This international survey evaluated user perspectives of an online resource for guideline adaptation informed by the Knowledge to Action Model.
  • Laurel Liang, Jhoni Abi Safi, Envisol, Anna R Gagliardi* and members of the Guidelines International Network Implementation Working Group; Number and type of guideline implementation tools varies by guideline, clinical condition, country of origin and type of developer organisation: content analysis of guidelines. PMID: 29141649


Resources to support guideline implementation

We developed the following items to support guideline implementation planning:                 


Ongoing Projects 

  • Anna Gagliardi, Margot Fleuren, Robin Vernooij, Melina Willson, Hector Prado, Melissa Armstrong, Susanne Bernhardsson. A questionnaire to identify barriers that may challenge use of guidelines, to enable planning and implementation of strategies or interventions that promote and support use of guidelines.
  • Craig Lockwood, Margaret Harrison, members of the Guidelines International Network Implementation Working Group. Phase 2: CAN-Implement. Pro case studies of theoretical framework informed guideline adaptation project planning and guideline implementation.


Page last updated: Feb 27, 2018
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