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Guidelines Collaboration Overview

Guidelines Collaboration Working Group


Mission: To identify and facilitate strategies for successful collaborations among guideline developers in the development of evidence-based recommendations.

Working Group Aims & Objectives

GIN GCWG core principles:

  • Identify facilitators and barriers to collaboration between guideline development organisations;
  • Facilitate a community for sharing best practices and lessons learned across guideline developing organisations;
  • Create a repository of tools and resources for future guideline collaborations; and
  • Develop a core group of dedicated individuals with representation from different specialties and guideline development organisations internationally, whose work will serve the larger GIN membership in the area of guideline collaboration.


GIN GCWC proposes the following activities to support their vision:

  • Conduct a needs assessment of guideline development organisations to elucidate knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to collaboration;
  • Identify and explore common facilitators and barriers to collaboration between guideline development organisations;
  • Identify current resources and strategies for the facilitation of collaboration during the guideline-development process, and modify or standardise, if appropriate;
  • Examine current practices of reducing redundancy in research, specifically guideline development, to inform strategies for collaboration;
  • Disseminate findings via peer-reviewed publication(s), and webinar or conference presentations;
  • An inclusive collaboration checklist (potentially building off existing guideline development checklists), which will include such documents as a template Memorandum of Understanding addressing important points that must be considered and agreed upon in advance of any collaborative effort.
  • Create and maintain connections with different guideline-development organisations, especially those focused on collaboration, centralising of guidelines and evidence, and reducing research redundancy.


How to join?

GIN members who are interested in joining the WG or any of the sub-groups, should write to: indicating the topic they are most interested in, and they will be added to the respective email list.


Page last updated: Dec 04, 2020
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