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Guidelines Collaboration Overview

Guidelines Collaboration Working Group

Working Group Aims & Objectives

The GIN GCWG will accomplish the following:

  • Provide an outlet for sharing best practices and lessons learned from past experiences collaborating with one or more other guideline developing organisations;
  • Publish papers based on these best practices and learnings;
  • Create tools and resources for future guideline collaborations; and
  • Develop a cohesive group of dedicated individuals whose expertise will serve the larger GIN membership as mentors in the area of collaboration.


Proposed Deliverables:

Potential projects and deliverables of the GIN GCWG Guideline Collaboration Working Group are:

  • A published paper on common challenges in guideline development and how to overcome them.
  • An inclusive collaboration checklist or toolkit (potentially building off existing guideline development checklists), which will include such documents as a template Memorandum of Understanding addressing important points that must be considered and agreed upon in advance of any collaborative effort.
  • The unique challenges that present in different settings or geographic communities need to be addressed in this project.
  • A current international effort to define categories of endorsement (one level of collaboration) is under consideration as a possible contribution to this toolkit.
  • Materials will be posted to or made available on the GIN webpage devoted to this Working Group.
  • Regular updates will be provided to the GIN Board through the assigned GIN Board Liaison.


How to join?

GIN members who are interested in joining the WG or any of the sub-groups, should write to: indicating the topic they are most interested in, and they will be added to the respective email list.

Page last updated: Sep 30, 2020
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