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1. A survey of GIN members on tool use and to evaluate their experiences.
2. Further develop the list of available digital tools and resources, and include experiences from GIN members.
3. Map out which tools are available for the different steps in the guideline process.
4. Clearly display which tools in the guideline process can exchange data.

Great interest of GIN members in 2016 workshops

The workshops GIN Tech held at the GIN conference and Cochrane conference in 2016 showed great interest of GIN members and others to learn more about digital tools to assist the guideline process. There were more questions than answers in the workshops. A key insight was that there were many guideline groups that did not use any digital tools, or used it for only small parts of the guideline process. There were many in the workshops that wanted to know what tools others were using, and would like to have had user experience stories from others.

Strong wish for interoperability

Participants mentioned the steep learning curve when organisations adopted new tools and sometimes they miss features, or enough flexibility to support their own organisations process and methods. Many organisations were interested in a resource to find a list of tools, what the tools do and information about other organisations’ experience. There was a strong wish for interoperability between tools.

To enhance standardisation it was recognised that there is a balance between the rigidness and flexibility of a tool, though there was no consensus on the sweet spot between these two elements.

The next step the GIN Tech group will take is to collect useful information about tools and user experience to assist GIN members in their implementation, use and further improvement of these tools in the years to come.  We have made a list of useful tools available at the GIN Tech resource page, and will work to improve and expand this in the year to come.

Joining the data-dots

As part of surveying the many systems available, GIN Tech also recognises the need to drive an interoperability agenda by supporting use of open information standards. These open standards will facilitate improved linking with other health and care data sets (e.g. primary studies, systematic reviews, pharmaceutical, quality improvement and audit etc.). To this end the group intends to run workshops both at and between the GIN conferences to share and collaborate on the development of such standards. In addition, several working group members are involved in the early stages of research projects that aim to explore the information flows through systems moving from systematic reviews to guidelines. To support and utilise findings from this research, the GIN Tech working group.

Page last updated: Sep 30, 2020
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