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Members & Governance

How is GINAHTA organised?

Steering Committee Members

NameEmail address

Holger Schunemann (Co-Chair)

Holger Schünemann

Mouna Jameleddine (Co-Chair)


Gillian Leng
IIse Verstijnen


 How to get involved with GINAHTA?


  1. Any GIN member interested in the activities of GINAHTA can access our online web forum. If you register with a login name, you can post information, questions or discussions. You can participate in our workshops and activities held at the annual GIN conference.
  2. Active GINAHTA members contribute to publications and help organise activities. They participate in the annual face-to-face meeting of the working group (held at the GIN conference). Any GIN member can join GINAHTA. Patient and public representatives, researchers, or CPG developers who are not GIN members may join the working group upon recommendation of the steering committee. Membership is free. To join, please email email:
  3. Steering committee: Is responsible for all strategic decisions of the working group, including approval of recommendations and publications written on behalf of GINAHTA. The steering committee will include a maximum of 12 members, including at least four patient and/or public representatives, and one representative of GIN Board of Trustees. Steering committee members, as well as a GINAHTA chair and vice-chair, will be nominated on a yearly basis at the GIN conference, and will have to be approved by GIN Board of Trustees.
  4. To contact us, sign up for our mailing list, or become a GINAHTA Working Group member, please email Jenna Docherty at
Page last updated: Dec 17, 2020
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