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GIN PUBLIC is a working group of researchers, health professionals and consumers who promote ways to inform and involve the public in clinical guideline activity around the world.

GIN PUBLIC: Aims and objectives

The main objective of the GIN PUBLIC Working Group is to promote ways to inform and involve the public in clinical guideline activity around the world. GIN PUBLIC offers a forum of exchange between patient and public organisations, CPG developers, and researchers. This is mainly done through our wiki website, and by holding workshops and presentations at conferences such as the GIN annual meeting.

Specific aims are to:

  • Synthesise the evidence on effective patient and public involvement ;
  • Develop standard methods on patient involvement in CPG development and implementation;
  • Set an international research agenda, including how to measure and evaluate patient involvement

The Working Group had their first meeting in the Netherlands, in October 2007. Since then they have had many teleconference meetings, and have hosted workshops and lectures at G-I-N's annual meetings in Helsinki (2008) and Lisbon (2009). In 2008 several members of the steering committee started a systematic literature review on patient and public involvement in guidelines. In August 2010 we held a preconference workshop at the 7th annual G-I-N meeting in Chicago.

GIN PUBLIC uses a wiki website to exchange information about involving patients and the public in guideline development. You can find information about projects in various countries, practical information such as handbooks on public involvement and lots of literature references.

Toolkit on Patient and public involvement in guidelines

At the 9th GIN conference in Berlin, GIN PUBLIC proudly presents its Toolkit on Patient and Public Involvement in Guidelines. The toolkit assembles international experiences and best practice examples of successful patient involvement and aims at supporting guideline developers who consider involving patients in guideline development or dissemination.

For more information:

Patient and public involvement in guidelines

The Clinical Practice Guideline Institute in Canada hosted a free online course in Patient&Public involvement in Guideline activities in 2010. The session was led by Antoine Boivin, founder (and member) of GIN Public. For more information:

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