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About AID Knowledge

Appraising and Including Different Knowledge in Guideline Development

Working Group Aim

To facilitate sharing and consolidating experiences with ongoing initiatives in communities of practice, as well as to identify the most pressing needs for new initiatives. This will lead to capacity building and fostering collaboration among guideline developers worldwide by:

  • Identifying methods and promising initiatives for appraising and including a wider range of knowledge sources in guidelines;
  • Sharing experiences with such methods and their application in practice;
  • Identifying areas / questions for which methods are wanting.

Additional information:

  • Founding position paper in the BMJ: see here.
  • Most recent AID Knowledge paper on Different knowledge, different styles of reasoning in BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine: see here.
  • Additionally, Frode Forland, Fergus Macbeth and myself have published the following paper in 2012: Zuiderent-Jerak, Teun, Frode Forland & Fergus Macbeth (2012). "Guidelines should reflect all knowledge, not just clinical trials." British Medical Journal 345(e6702). It can be accessed here.

Dedicated topics

The Working Group is divided into two sub-groups focusing on:

Types of knowledge production

As this Working Group is still starting up, members for sub-groups are warmly invited to contribute to this topic and also to filling this page. To join this sub-group, please sign up by using the following Email address:

How to join?

GIN members who are interested in joining the WG or any of the sub-groups, should write to: indicating the topic they are most interested in, and they will be added to the respective email list.


Affiliations related initiatives

AID Knowledge liaises with several other groups to ensure maximised learning and minimised duplication of efforts.

Those groups include:

  • Cochrane Effective Practice and Organisation of Care Group, (EPOC)
  • Cochrane Qualitative Methods Group
  • Evaluation of Genomic Applications in Practice and Prevention (EGAPP)
  • G-I-N Allied Health Group
  • GRADE Working Group
  • Project on a Framework for Rating Evidence in Public Health (PRECEPT)


If you are aware of / involved in an initiative that should be listed here, please contact

Page last updated: Sep 30, 2020
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