Linn Brandt is a physician and one of the founders of MAGIC Evidence Ecosystem Foundation. She has since the beginning, in 2009, led MAGIC’s work on digitalization of guidelines and evidence summaries, with a goal of getting guidelines implemented into Electronic Health Records. She has a specific interest in the field of semantic interoperability and data exchange, which has led to countless research projects and collaborations with other organizations and groups, trying to work towards a seamless ecosystem where platforms and standards are integrated.  She has been tireless in promoting the use and development of international standards and collaboration, instead of locking data into proprietary tools.

In addition to her work with MAGIC, she is currently working at government level in Norway with semantic interoperability and standardization of patient data, through ISO, HL7, International, EU and National bodies, trying to achieve for patient data what MAGIC is trying to do for evidence and guidelines: Living, updated information, at the hands of clinicians and patients.