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G-I-N Nordic at the GES - September 2017

G-I-N Nordic regional community was active at the Global Evidence Summit in Cape Town by presenting several abstracts, both oral and poster presentations.

Our annual meeting was held with 18 participants from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, with an overall 30 Nordic congress delegates in Cape Town.

In the G-I-N Nordic community the Nordic countries have cooperated in the common project “G-I-N Nordic Ecosystem for trustworthy guideline creation, dissemination and updating” since 2014. The project, partly funded by Nordic Innovation, is about to be concluded at the of 2017. Before the project is completed, the guideline units in the Nordic countries will make a proposal for how to strengthen the Nordic cooperation on evidence-based recommendations, based on preliminary experiences from the project.

We are also planning an open seminar in Oslo, where we will promote the Ecosystem and invite other organisations and companies to contribute to and take advantage of the guideline Ecosystem.

Our next regional G-I-N Nordic meeting will be held in January or February 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

On behalf of G-I-N Nordic I would like to thank the organisers of the Cape Town Global Evidence Summit for a great event!

If you are interestd in findding out more about our group please contact me:

 Anna Lord – Group Chair


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