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About G-I-N Asia

G-I-N Asia is a community that consists of countries in Far East Asia, including Peoples Republic of China, Japan, Republic of Korea, and Singapore. This region has a total population of 2.5 billion --all affected by clinical practice guidelines.

Established in April 2016 the objectives of the group are as follows:

Aims and Objectives of G-I-N Asia

  1. Provide a network for guideline users, developers, and other stakeholders to form partnerships and discuss evidence-based guidelines and regional guideline issues.
  2. Enhance and promote relationships between G-I-N and the Far East Asian guideline community to share experiences and competencies.
  3. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of national and regional programs in evidence-based guideline development, adaptation, dissemination, and implementation.
  4. Organise and promote regional events and a satellite conference that is non-competitive with the annual G-I-N conference.
  5. Interact with G-I-N working groups to encourage feedback and avoid duplication of efforts.


To join the G-I-N Asia Regional Community, please email

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