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About G-I-N Nordic

We could see many advantages of establishing an official G-I-N Nordic working group. Firstly, we have some organised structure around our activities which supports a greater output of results. Secondly, with G-I-N Nordic being an official community, our mutual projects are supported and encouraged at the organisations we work for which means we can dedicate more time working towards our goals.

The Nordic Regional Community is open to all individual or organisational G-I-N members interested in the aims below.  The Nordic countries include Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.


  • To establish a regional group for the Nordic countries in order to enhance Nordic collaboration within individuals, health authorities and other organisations interested in guidelines to improve health care.
  • To make use of our specific Nordic context and the similarities between the Nordic countries.
  • As a community within G-I-N the mission and principal aims are as those of G-I-N (About G-I-N 2013) .
  • Specifically, G-I-N Nordic wants to be an open, approachable community encouraging a free, open-minded flow of ideas



On behalf of G-I-N Nordic and excited about our future we warmly invite you to make contact and to follow the website with more upcoming information.

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