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Regional Communities

G-I-N Africa

G-I-N Africa is a regional community, established in 2014 to meet the specific needs of the guideline development and implementation community in the area.

The current Chair of the G-I-N Africa Regional Community is Patrick Okwen:

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G-I-N Arab

Welcome to the G-I-N Arab Regional Community web pages. With the movement towards evidence-based health care and accreditation of health care institutions, many of the Arab countries have become increasingly interested in clinical practice guidelines as the way to provide evidence-based health care and thereby satisfying the accreditation standards. G-I-N, as the international body that connects all guidelines developers, implementers, researchers, students and other stakeholders, has a pivotal role to play in pushing forwards this guideline activity throughout the region.

The current Chair of the G-I-N Arab Regional Community is Samia Al-Habib:

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G-I-N Asia

G-I-N Asia is a community that will consist of countries in Far East Asia, including Peoples Republic of China, Japan, Republic of Korea, and Singapore. This region has a total population of 2.5 billion --all affected by clinical practice guidelines.

The current Chair of the G-I-N Asia Regional Community is Yaolong Chen:

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G-I-N Australia & New Zealand (ANZ)

G-I-N Australia & New Zealand is a regional community, established in 2013 to meet the specific needs of the guideline development and implementation community in the area.

The current Chair of the G-I-N ANZ Regional Community is Zac Munn:

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G-I-N Iberoamerica

The G-I-N Iberoamerican region is a community, whose members are the Portuguese and Spanish- speaking nations of the Americas and Europe, which share an oral, linguistic and historical tradition. The countries include Spanish-speaking countries in North, Central, and South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela, the Portuguese-speaking country of Brazil, and the Iberian Peninsula countries Spain and Portugal.

The current Chair of G-I-N Iberoamerica Regional Community is Rodrigo Pardo:

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G-I-N Nordic

G-I-N Nordic is a regional group, formally established in 2013 to address the needs and provide collaboration opportunities among our members in the Nordic countries.

The current Chair of the G-I-N Nordic Regional Community is Maria Herlev Ahrenfeldt:

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G-I-N North America (NA)

G-I-N North America (G-I-N/NA) is a regional community of clinical practice guideline developers, users and other stakeholders from Canada, Mexico and the United States of America who are interested in improving the effectiveness, rigor and efficiency of guideline development, adaptation, dissemination, implementation and performance measurement. Through a series of educational webinars, regional training conferences, social media and special events, G-I-N/NA facilitates discussion, partnerships, collaboration and ongoing information sharing within the North American guideline community.

The current Chair of the G-I-N North America Regional Community is Yerado Abrahamian:

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