Scientific Programme 2021

The plenary presentations from the GIN 2021 Virtual Conference can be viewed here.

Plenary 1 – Innovative guideline implementation

Krysia Dziedzic – Lessons learned from evaluation of implementation

Mamsau Twalib Ngoma – Using barriers to select and tailor implementation strategies for The Tanzanian Cancer Treatment Guideline

Annie Sawka – Pre-identifying barriers of guideline implementation and use

Plenary 2 – Advancing sustainability

Ivan Florez – Rapid processes of guidelines development: Methods, quality & areas for improvement

Heath white – Avoiding waste through living guidelines, is it achievable and sustainable?

Ludovic Reveiz – Adaptation of guidelines in the context of the Americas

Plenary 3 – Guidelines with and for users

James McCormack – PEERing into guidelines – simplified guidelines that focus on shared-decisions not thresholds

Melissa Armstrong – How to develop guidelines that matter to users

Patrick Okwen – Storytelling treatment guidelines to non-literate communities in Cameroon

Plenary 4 – Relevance to context and current events

Elie Akl – eCOVID19 living recommendation map

Jorg Meerpohl – Adapting the evidence ecosystem to a health care emergency

Susan Michie – Understanding behaviour and implementation in managing Covid19

You can view the full published abstract book here.