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Networking with G-I-N

Share with us experiences from G-I-N 2011 and discover G-I-N 2012.

Looking back to G-I-N 2011

Seoul, Korea - 28-31 August 2011.

Driving international improvements in the quality of guideline production

‘How can we drive international improvements in the quality of guideline production?’ This was the question posed during an interactive lunchtime session, hosted by Gillian Leng from NICE, on day four of the G-I-N Annual Conference.

Leading speakers from the UK, USA and the international guideline community set the scene. Gillian Leng introduced the session and highlighted key aspects of the NHS Evidence accreditation scheme, a service provided by NICE.

Rick Shiffman gave an overview on ‘the relative strengths and complementary fit of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) standards and NHS Evidence Accreditation Scheme, and highlighted where further harmonisation of the two might be needed.

Sara Twaddle provided a very positive case study on SIGN’s experience of the NHS Evidence Accreditation process and explained the benefits of going through the process from SIGN’s perspective.

This was followed by an overview of how AGREE fits with the drive for international improvement in the quality of guideline production, provided by António Vaz Carneiro.

The lively discussion that followed revealed a great deal of interest in NHS Evidence Accreditation, and the challenges of doing this at an international level. The meeting concluded that the majority of elements of the IOM standards and NHS Evidence Accreditation criteria cover the same aspects of guideline development.  G-I-N agreed to take forward further work to identify a set of minimum/core standards for guideline development and, to inform this, Gillian Leng, agreed to provide an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the development processes of those applying for NHS Evidence Accreditation.Top of page

Participants' feedback on this year’s conference

G-I-N 2011 - Seoul

"The exquisite conference setting provided an environment conducive to new information and knowledge exchanges, as well as, meaningful networking.” Josephine Muxlow, Canada.

"Good guide to guideline from G-I-N." Mao-Meng Tiao.

“The G-I-N conference: "My first G-I-N" : inspiring people from all over the world looking for a way to get best evidence in guidelines,  share knowledge, implement guidelines and became silent when we realise the political situation in a country can be a barrier to use the best evidence.” Loes Meijer, Netherlands.

“It was a great chance for me to meet guideline professionals from all over the world and see potential professional development opportunities. I was exited a lot interesting moments and ideas at conference. Also it was good experience. I hope attend G-I-N conference at next time in Berlin.” Bermet Baryktabasova.

G-I-N 2011- Seoul - Networking“It was a wonderful conference, and I have made many new friends in guideline-related work.” Tamara Kredo, South Africa.

“The G-I-N meeting was one of the most enjoyable conferences I have attended! The openness and friendliness of the conference attendees exemplified the fact that that G-I-N is indeed a network, and the hospitality of the Korean people was outstanding. Finally, as an Australian, it was a rare privilege not to have jet lag at an international meeting (with my sympathies to the attendees from Europe and the Americas)!” Anne Nelson, Australia.Top of page

Starting a discussion looking towards G-I-N 2012

Sonja Kersten, from the Netherlands noted: “I think it was a very inspiring conference, with many ‘take home messages’. However, what I find increasingly difficult to cope with is the fact that following a parallel session on guideline revision, there is someone from Europe telling how he coped with revising his guideline, someone from the US presenting his experiences on revision and someone from Australia doing the same. All slightly different ways of dealing with revising guidelines, but the overall input was to reach the same goal. The same for parallel sessions on cost effectiveness. Everyone is complaining about lack of resources, but we keep on inventing similar solutions for similar problems. I hope G-I-N can take position in that, and maybe more a facilitator of international collaboration. You know I am a strong believer in collaboration, I applaud the many good initiatives that G-I-N has launched so far but I certainly hope we can take this to a next level at the next conference. Other comment is that I would appreciate more focus on outcome. What are the real effects of all these guidelines to all our patients. I would appreciate it if G-I-N would put a patient on the stage.”

Response from Minna Kaila, G-I-N Vice-Chair: “This highlights well the complexity as well as the need for closer global collaboration. It reflects the discussions within the Board and the reasons for beginning to formulate an educational strategy. It is absolutely true that we would need to work harder to achieve real collaboration and come up with ways to work in the workshops and produce e.g. a G-I-N way to revise or update guidelines, considering the experiences of the presenters from different countries. This feedback needs to be incorporated in the planning of workshops of the future G-I-N conferences, starting with Berlin 2012.”

Ina Kopp, Chair of the Scientific Committee for Berlin 2012, added: “There is an increasing interest in making the step from sharing knowledge and experience to making best use of it. In this context, the G-I-N 2012 Scientific Committee felt it was important to ensure that workshops are as interactive as possible and end up in conclusions to stimulate the discussion of concepts facilitating collaboration. Therefore, workshop facilitators and participants are encouraged to summarize lessons learned for publication, e.g. along with the G-I-N conference overview. Celebrating 10 years of G-I-N, the 2012 conference is a special opportunity to reflect lessons learned and to discuss future visions. Plenary topics include methodology, innovations in implementation, effects of guidelines on patient outcomes and patient involvement. Visit the website at and join us in Berlin to make 10 years of G-I-N a real special date.”


To extend the memories around the conference we have prepared an album compiling pictures taken by participants and by ourselves. To access the online album follow this link:

G-I-N 2011 - Seoul - Overview

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G-I-N 2012: "Global Evidence - International Diversity"

Important dates

Abstracts submissions open: November 2011

Registration open: January 2012

Abstracts submissions close: 10 February 2012

Notifications of abstracts acceptance: 1 April 2012

Early registration ends: 30 April 2012

Conference: 22-25 August 2012

Meet the scientific committee

Chair of the Scientific Committee

Ina KoppIna Kopp (Germany)

Ina Kopp is extraordinary Professor and Director of the German Association of the Scientific Medical Societies´ Institute of Medical Knowledge-Management (AWMF-IMWi) at Philipps-University, Marburg. She trained in general surgery (1995-2000) and internal medicine (2001-2002), received her MD and her extraordinary professorship from the University of Marburg and did research work in the field of health services research and quality improvement. Dr Kopp serves as coordinator and consultant for CPG development and oversees the internet distribution of CPGs, related information and tools for guideline developers via the AWMF-website. She is vice chair of AWMF´s Standing Commission for CPGs and represents AWMF in the National Programme for Disease Management Guidelines and in the Programme for Guidelines in Oncology in Germany. She is also involved in several quality initiatives at the national.

Vice-Chairs of the Scientific Committee

Keng Ho Pwee (Singapore)                                                            Amir Qaseem (USA)

Members of the Scientific Committee

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