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Editorial October 2011

An editorial from Minna Kaila, G-I-N Vice-Chair and editor of enGINe.

Minna Kaila 2010

EnGINe is G-I-N’s newsletter that saw light in 2007, and has been published 3-4 times per year since. As the network is preparing – with the help of NICE – its first real communications strategy, it seems a good time to take a closer look at the newsletter.

This issue is focussed on G-I-N’s main annual event, the conference, this year in Seoul, Korea (28-31 August 2011). It includes news & photos and feedback from strategic discussions that took place at the conference.  Photos were received from several participants, and have also been incorporated into a web album.

The Chair of G-I-N does a lot and has many duties; it is a position that requires diligence and vision. In addition to everything else, the Chair has written a column in every enGINe. To ease the Chair’s burden, and to provide more diversity for our readers, here is one idea. Instead of the Chair’s column, have an invited editorial by a rotating author (as was done here).

The G-I-N community is interested in publications about guidelines and we will scan for articles more systematically. A search strategy is therefore being developed. Highlights – selected abstracts – will likely continue to be published in enGINe, and we are exploring the possibility to update more often the relevant section of the website.

The G-I-N Board, under the lead of our current Chair Philip van der Wees, has become active in writing papers. The process of writing and especially agreeing on the content could and should be more transparent, especially if G-I-N wants to start publishing position papers on behalf of its membership. This newsletter includes a first proposition for such a process.

EnGINe is meant to serve the membership as well as to be used in marketing G-I-N, to attract new members. No doubt the communication strategy will also touch on the enGINe, and more changes may be expected. With change there is always a possibility – for better!

Minna Kaila

Vice-Chair of G-I-N

Page last updated: Oct 06, 2011
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