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The Board of Trustees are delighted to announce that the G-I-N 2014 conference will be held in Melbourne, Australia. The conference will be hosted by Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd.

Treasurer’s Report - Annual subscriptions

At the recent Annual General Meeting in Berlin the issue of annual subscriptions was discussed and new rates were agreed. I feel I need to explain the thinking behind the changes which have generated a lot of discussion in the Board over the past few months. G-I-N depends entirely on the money that comes in from the subscriptions to provide the resources that you want and use and to comply with the requirements of Scottish Charity law. Although some annual conferences generate additional income, this is by no means certain and the actual amount is very variable. So we cannot rely on that from year to year.
Although the structure of the subscriptions is quite complicated, it tries to recognise what organisations and individuals from around the world might reasonably afford. However the Membership Committee which advises the Board on this structure felt that the relative amounts for the different categories should be reconsidered, in particular the very large difference between the subscriptions for large and small organisations from wealthier countries. It is also important to understand that although over the years new categories of membership have been introduced and the proportion of the full subscription that they pay has been changed, the amount of the large organisational subscription has not changed since the network was established ten years ago. In light of this and the inevitably greater demand on our finances over the coming years, the Board proposed (and the Annual General Meeting approved) increased subscriptions for all categories of membership, with the exception of individuals from low and lower middle income countries. These are shown in the table below and come into effect from April 2013.

I realise that it may be difficult for some organisations and individuals to meet this increase, but unfortunately, it is unavoidable if G-I-N is to continue to thrive and provide the activities and resources that the members value. The Board will over the next year be energetically pursuing alternative sources of reliable funding and seeking to increase the number of Associate (commercial) members. I would welcome any suggestions for generating more income.

Fergus Macbeth


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The permanent position of Executive Officer for G-I-N is now being advertised below and circulated within the network.

G-I-N executive officer (full time)

Salary: To be negotiated depending on experience, location of employment and contractual arrangements.

The Guidelines International Network (G-I-N) is looking to appoint a full time Executive Officer to support its activities.

G-I-N is an international not-for-profit association of organizations and individuals involved in the development and use of clinical practice guidelines, founded in 2002. It is a global network which has grown to comprise 86 organisations and 107 individual members representing 45 countries from all continents (July 2012). The network supports evidence-based health care and its mission is to lead, strengthen and support collaboration and work within the guideline development, adaptation and implementation community.

We need an efficient and dynamic English-speaking individual for this interesting job involving contact with members from around the world. The varied work includes communication with the membership and overall coordination of all activities; maintaining the financial accounts, and liaison with legal and financial advisers; supporting the work of the Board, its subcommittees and working groups; and liaison between the Board, the professional conference organisers and the local host of the annual conference. We would welcome applications from anywhere in the world.

The place of work will be determined at the time of appointment. He /she would either be an employee of a host organisation with whom the Network would have a contract or possibly an independent worker. Further information about the vacancy is available in the full Job Description available by contacting Interested organisations or individuals are welcome to discuss the position with Dr Fergus Macbeth (Treasurer of the Board of Trustees) who can be contacted via .

Full applications, including a curriculum vitae, the names and contact details of two referees and a covering letter explaining why you are applying and how you meet the criteria, should be sent by email to by 1200 GMT on Friday 2nd November 2012. The application should include a letter of support from the potential employing organisation or for those proposing to work independently a description of their office and support arrangements.

Short listed candidates will be interviewed either face to face or by tele conference.

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