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The Guideline Implementability Research and Application Network

Implementability refers to guideline content that enables users to better accommodate, implement and evaluate use of the recommendations. The Guideline Implementability Research and Application Network (GIRAnet) is a collaboration of international guideline developers, implementers, and researchers that identify or develop, and share guideline implementability tools that can be used by developers to create implementable guidelines, and by users to implement guidelines.

GIRAnet Activities at the G-I-N Meeting in Berlin


The GIRAnet Steering Committee met at the recent G-I-N meeting in Berlin to review progress and plan next steps, including the development of a Guideline Implementation tool directory.

A poster was presented at the G-I-N conference that summarized findings from a systematic review of the health care and organizational management literature on network features that promote successful knowledge exchange. The findings will be used to inform ongoing GIRAnet activities.

Criteria and Methods for Developing Guideline Implementation tools
Thank you to all G-I-N members that recently participated in our survey requesting feedback on a Guideline Implementation tool definition, and criteria by which to develop and assess the merits of such tools. We will share survey findings in an upcoming G-I-N newsletter, and use the findings to guide our development and evaluation of Guideline Implementation tools.

Ongoing Research
We searched for existing Implementation tools produced by guideline developers and others in a variety of sources. Thus far we identified 33 resource implications tools, 38 implementation tools, and 33 evaluation tools. We are currently developing a searchable Internet directory of Guideline Implementation tools. We will populate it with tools identified thus far, call upon G-I-N members to evaluate this prototype, and develop a process for reviewing and approving the tools submitted to the directory. This may lead to a sustainable effort where international guideline developers, implementers and researchers contribute to, and draw from this shared resource.

Join the GIRAnet Interest Group
To remain informed about GIRAnet activities, and provide feedback on, or participate in our activities, consider joining the GIRAnet Interest Group. Please contact Muriah Umoquit.
For more information about GIRAnet please visit the GIRAnet webpage. For specific enquiries please contact the GIRAnet lead: Anna Gagliardi, Associate Professor, University of Toronto and Affiliate Scientist, University Health Network, Toronto, Canada,

Page last updated: Oct 20, 2012
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