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Looking back to G-I-N 2012

Berlin, Germany: 22th - 25th August 2012 - “Global Evidence - International Diversity”

G-I-N 2012 Berlin was a great success which has broken all records: About 570 delegates across 45 countries attended the event. The conference program included 5 stimulating plenary sessions, 19 interactive workshops and panel sessions, 80 short oral presentations and almost 200 posters. The conference was recognized for being at a very high scientific level. We would like to thank the authors of abstracts, inspiring speakers and the scientific committee for their brilliant work.

Celebrating 10 years of G-I-N, the first plenary session was a special opportunity for former G-I-N chairs and vice-chairs as well as the audience representing the membership to discuss lessons learned and visions for the future work of our network. The mission of G-I-N “to lead, strengthen and support collaboration and work within the guideline development, adaptation and implementation community” was felt to be sustainable also in the light of new challenges.

We would like to mention some of the activities as pars pro toto of a great event:

Loes Knaapen, Canada, and Madeleine Wang, UK, presented the new G-I-N Public Toolkit on Patient and Public Involvement, followed by a fine get together party of the G-I-N Public working group during the session break.

Jürgen Matzat, Germany, gave an outstanding insight to “The experience of being a patient representative in guideline development groups”.

The plenary “Knowledge Translation 2020” was one of the best sessions at a conference I ever attended. Lots of delegates joined Jos Kleijnen, UK, in his praise of the final session. According to Iain Chalmers, Glyn Elwyn, and Victor Montori, the key note speakers, the most important challenges today for the guideline community are implementation of evidence based information and avoiding use of biased research results for guideline recommendations. They outlined a crucial dilemma: CPG development has become more and more a specialists’ issue and an end in itself. Evidence is one base for clinical decision making. It has to come along with patients’ personal values and their conditions and context. To really implement knowledge, clinicians and methodologists have to share their knowledge with patients – that is what matters in clinical practice. Guideline content should be linked directly to decision support tools for both doctors and patients to use together within a consultation. Guideline developers are being asked to collaborate with patients more than ever. They should foster their participation in CPG development to assure we develop tools that are relevant for them.

At the end of the conference, the poster prize 2012 was presented to Alexander Nast and his team from the Division of Evidence Based Medicine, Charité University Medicine Berlin for their study “The importance of wording in guideline recommendations - a German evaluation”

The 1st NAJOUA MLIKA-CABANNE INNOVATION AWARD was presented to Dr. Marcia Kelson in recognition of her groundbreaking work in patient involvement in clinical guidelines.

The award acknowledges Dr. Kelson’s contribution to innovation in the methodology, development, and /or implementation of clinical practice guidelines.

G-I-Ns10th anniversary: an opportunity not only for scientific exchange but also for partying. The congress danced the Friday night away with joy and great music.

Participants’ feedback on this year’s conference

  • Congratulations for a stellar conference. Nino Cartabellotta, Italy
  • Congratulations again for this successful conference. Hernando Gaitan Duarte, Colombia
  • Total pleasure - it was an honour. Glyn Elwyn, UK
  • I thought the conference was fantastic. Sue Huckson, Australia
  • Wonderful hosts! Wonderful conference! Wonderful city! Tamara Kredo, South Africa
  • Congratulations on a great conference! It was a wonderful, fun, and interesting time at which we all learned quite a lot. Sandy Lewis, US
  • This was one among the very few congresses where the organizers proactively took care of speaker needs andfollowed them to the smallest detail. When also the content of the congress was at a very high level, the socialprogram was excellent, the town was beautiful, the weather was beautiful, and even the organizers are beautiful.This is definitely my top congress experience in the last four years. Marjukka Mäkelä, Finland
  • The presentations of the final plenary were highlights. Fabulous way to end a great conference. CatherineMarshall, New Zealand
  • Praise for this most well-run, enjoyable and excellent event! Keng Ho Pwee, Singapore
  • I was truly impressed by the high quality of the scientific content as well as lively and active participation from the floor. Amir Qaseem, US
  • It was a fantastic conference, capped by a thought-provoking closing plenary session. Craig W Robbins, US
  • The final plenary was the most inspiring experience on a congress ever. Kitty Rosenbrand, The Netherlands
  • A wonderful Ten Year Conference. Jean Slutsky, US

To extend the memories around the conference visit our website for presentations, proceedings and pictures on

Many thanks to all who made G-I-N 2012 Berlin such a success.

Günter Ollenschläger (ÄZQ), Ina Kopp (AWMF), Corinna Schaefer (ÄZQ), Philip van der Wees (G-I-N Chair 2010 – 2012)

Page last updated: Oct 20, 2012
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