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Looking ahead to G-I-N 2013

San Francisco, California, USA,18th-21st August 2013 - “Integrating Evidence into Practice -Strategies for the Future”

Continuing on from the 10th anniversary conference in Berlin, the Board of Trustees of the Guidelines International Network, the local host Kaiser Permanente, and the 2013 Scientific Committee warmly invites you to attend the 10th G-I-N Conference in the wonderful bay city of San Francisco in August 2013. The theme of the 2013 conference is: “Integrating Evidence into Practice—Strategies for the Future.” The 2013 Scientific Committee has chosen this theme as we believe that implementation of guideline recommendations is crucial to raising the bar in health care delivery around the world. G-I-N 2013 will build on the concepts discussed during the wonderful closing plenary in Berlin, “Knowledge Translation 2020.”

The 2013 Scientific Committee will be chaired by Dr. Paul Shekelle (USA), director of the Southern California Evidence-Based Practice Center at the RAND Corporation in Los Angeles, California. Vice Chairs will be Dr. HyeongSikAhn (South Korea) and Dr. Ina Kopp, MD, (Germany). Rounding out the committee are: Amir Qaseem (USA), Wiley Chan (USA), Kay Dickersin (USA), Anna Gagliardi (Canada), Roberta James (UK), Pekka Jousilihti (Finland), Craig Robbins (USA), Holger Schunemann (Canada), Matthew Thompson (UK), and Taryn Young (South Africa). Watch for further details on how the scientific program is shaping up at and in the next edition of enGINe.

G-I-N is truly a global organization whose mission is to lead, strengthen and support collaboration and work within the guideline development, adaptation, and implementation community. The annual G-I-N Conference is a critical event for accomplishing the organization’s mission. The conference will be a unique venue for learning from worldwide attendees who will share their knowledge and experiences regarding guideline development, dissemination, adaptation and, especially, implementation. The level of discourse from the opening plenary to the workshops, oral presentations and poster sessions, and through the closing remarks will hopefully bethought-provoking and practice changing. We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity in 2013 to develop and strengthen lasting professional relationships with people from a variety of countries and organizations.


We eagerly await all of your abstract submissions and strongly encourage you to register for the conference early! We hope that you will have an enjoyable time and make the most of this beautiful “city by the Bay.”

If you have any suggestions regarding the G-I-N 2013 conference or are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please email us:


Welcome to San Francisco!

Craig Robbins (Kaiser Permanente), Gladys Tom (Kaiser Permanente)


A workshop by the GRADE (Grading Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation) working group was held on August 22 in Berlin at the G-I-N conference in line with the GRADE-G-I-N partnership. Over 30 participants spent a day learning and discussing guideline development in the context of GRADE. This workshop will be repeated in San Francisco 2013 – those of you who are interested mark your calendars.

First Meeting of the G-I-N Performance Measures Working Group

Prior to the conference a further 15 G-I-N members had expressed their written interest for collaboration– including colleagues from Africa. The new working group will complement the work of the implementation community with a focus on guideline based performance measures as included in the published framework for implementation of guidelines (see Gagliardi AR, Brouwers MC, Palda VA, Lemieux-Charles L, Grimshaw JM. How can we improve guideline use? A conceptual framework of implementability. Implement Sci 2011;6:26.)

The open session stimulated much discussion and a strong theme that emerged was that bringing together guideline and performance measure developers is indispensable to ensure high quality both on guidelines and performance measures. Given the lack of international standards for developing guideline based performance measures and limited information about the methods currently used (see Kötter T, Blozik E, Scherer M. Methods for the guideline-based development of quality indicators: a systematic review. Implement Sci 2012;7:21) and the results of a G-I-N survey (see Blozik E, Nothacker M, Bunk T, Szecsenyi J, Ollenschläger G, Scherer M. Simultaneous Development of Guidelines and Quality Indicators - How Do Guideline Groups Act? A Worldwide Survey. Int J Health Care Qual Assur 2012;25(8):712-29), there was great interest to share expertise with a view to developing opportunities for learning and building capacities. In addition there was agreement that standards were needed to promote best practice in guideline based performance
measure development.

  • The development of an internationally validated tool to assess the quality of guideline based performancemeasures and the setting up of comparative studies were identified as possible future activities.
  • The Performance Measures Working Group will be established soon on the G-I-N website, starting withdisplaying a selection of references to relevant literature and contact information.
  • Given the need for the development of standards for guideline based performance measures this area has beenidentified as a priority for the group’s work over the next 12 months.

If you are interested to join the group please contact Martina Westermann, G-I-N Secretary

For the group: Tim Stokes, NICE, UK and Monika Nothacker, AWMF, DE

Page last updated: Oct 20, 2012
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