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Introducing our G-I-N Board 2012/2013

Congratulations and welcome to the new Board members, who were announced at the Annual General Meeting in Berlin,
Germany, on 22 August 2012. The newly elected Organisational Trustees are:

  • Sue Huckson
  • Sonja Kersten
  • Jorma Komulainen
  • Ina Kopp
  • Craig W. Robbins

Holger Schünemann was elected as the Individual Trustee. The continuing Board members are:

  • Frode Forland
  • Fergus Macbeth
  • Sue Phillips
  • Amir Qaseem
  • Rich Rosenfeld
  • Duncan Service
  • Philip van der Wees

The first task of the new Board was to elect a Chair and a Vice Chair, who are:

  • Chair: Amir Qaseem
  • Vice-Chair: Frode Forland
  • Fergus Macbeth continues in his role as Treasurer

The new Board would love to hear your feedback and ideas regarding G-I-N. To contact them individually, please see their
email addresses below:


















We also give a huge thank you to the following Trustees who retired after many years of tireless service and dedication to
G-I-N: Dave Davis, Minna Kaila, Günter Ollenschläger, Rick Shiffman and Jean Slutsky. Without their efforts, G-I-N would not be the organisation that it has become.

Our valued co-opted Trustees also completed their one year term on the Board: Hyeong Sik Ahn from Korea, Tamara Kredo from South Africa, and Hernando Gaitan from Columbia. All three co-opted trustees were incredibly valuable in bringing additional expertise from their respective regions and increasing the depth of geographical representation on the G-I-N board.

Our gratitude also goes to Philip van der Wees, who has handed over the Chair’s torch to Amir Qaseem, although he remains on the Board as past Chair. Philip has done a sterling job of leading and guiding the Board during his three year tenure.

For more information on the role of the Board and all of the Trustees, please follow this link to our website:

Page last updated: Sep 20, 2013
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