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Working groups update

Evidence Tables Working Group advances

G-I-N's evidence tables working group (ETWG) has developed over the past few years templates for summarising studies regarding diagnostic and intervention questions. This was partially done on the basis of input from workshops that took place during the annual G-I-N conferences.

A large interested group from many countries attended this year’s a workshop, held as part of the G-I-N conference in Chicago, to discuss two draft new templates: one template for summarising prognostic studies and another for summarising studies on economic evaluation.

Prognostic template:

There were several useful suggestions for improvement of the draft template for summarising prognostic studies.  The common denominator of these suggestions was more explanation of the different types of prognostic studies, such as explanatory studies and development and outcome prediction studies, i.e. studies developing and/or validating   prediction rules. Some argued for developing more than one template given the number of different types of prognostic studies.

Next steps in developing a prognostic template are incorporating the useful suggestions from the workshop and consulting the Cochrane Prognosis Methods Group. This will result in a second draft template that G-I-N organisational members will be asked to evaluate. To this end, a questionnaire addressing issues like appropriateness and clarity of both the items and the instructions to fill the template will be developed. The ETWG will also select a number of papers addressing different types of prognostic questions on which the template will be further pilot tested.

Economic evaluation template:

Several suggestions were made regarding the wording in some sections which a number of participants felt was not sufficiently clear. Two additional requirements were added to allow for better and more complete reporting of outcomes and sensitivity analysis, for example.   The template seemed to capture the type of detail expected and after minor revision it is expected that it will be tested in the same way as the other template.

The objectives of the ETWG are to finalise the two new templates by spring next year to present and further discuss them during the 8th G-I-N conference in Seoul.


Implementation working group update

A survey of the implementation activities of G-I-N members was mooted at Lisbon G-I-N Conference in November 2009, and G-I-N implementation Steering Group designed and administered the survey during July – August 2010.The objectives of the survey were to:

  • identify the range of guideline implementation activities G-I-N member organisations routinely undertake.
  • identify how G-I-N can help members with guideline implementation

The survey received 77 responses (there are 90 organisational members of G-I-N).  A wide range of implementation activities was reported, and there was a discernable gradient from frequent use of decision algorithms and brief formats of guidelines, to relatively rare use of social media and electronic clinical decision support. Respondents also expressed a desire for access to implementation ‘tools’, to repositories of ‘data’ on what works and for G-I-N to continue to support member networking and information sharing on implementation methodologies.

Access a more detailed overview of the results.



G-I-N PUBLIC Pre-Conference Workshop

Participants at the Workshop in Chicago were introduced to various ways of involving patients and the public in guideline activities, and we discussed barriers and facilitators for putting these into practice. We learned from successes and difficulties experienced in the past and participants left with renewed commitment to make patient involvement work (even better) in the future. We very much hope the workshop’s advice and exchange will facilitate public and patient involvement in their own settings.

New Steering Committee Members

For the year 2010-2011, G-I-N Public’s Steering Committee has three new members. We would like to thank the members who are stepping down for their valuable contribution to the group. Kay Currie, Béatrice Fervers and Catherine Marshall have championed the case for more effective consumer involvement within G-I-N since the beginning of G-I-N PUBLIC, and Mary Nix has helped us reach out to US organizations. We welcome new members Sara Twaddle (SIGN, Scotland), Nancy Huang (NHMRC, Australia) and Carrie Davino (Kaiser Permanente, USA). We thank Antoine Boivin and Victoria Thomas for co-chairing in the past year. Corinna Schaefer and Loes Knaapen will take over their duties.

Toolkit development

We continue to work on developing a toolkit to aid G-I-N Members to set up or improve Patient and Public Involvement. We have held consultations, collected much information, and set up a framework. With the help of Elvira van den Breejen, Sarah Chalmers and Jane Cowl, G-I-N PUBLIC expects to make further progress in the Toolkit Project in 2010-2011. We welcome you contributions, questions or input.

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