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AGREE II ready for use!

AGREEWe are pleased to announce the official release of the AGREE II- the new standard for practice guideline development, reporting, and evaluation.

The AGREE Next Steps Consortium came together with the objectives of strengthening the measurement properties of the original AGREE Instrument, refining the items, and improving the supporting documentation to help users implement the instrument with more confidence.

Key changes from the original version include a new 7-point response scale to replace the original 4-point scale, changes made to half of the original 23 items, which are grouped into the original 6 quality domains, and a newly restructured User’s Manual to help guide users on how to more confidently implement the instrument.

The official home of the AGREE II is the AGREE Enterprise Website.  We invite you to visit our newly redesigned website ( to access the new AGREE II.  New features of the website include:

  1. a “My AGREE” platform where a personal account can be created to complete AGREE II appraisals online and to manage your own library of practice guideline appraisals;
  2. new on-line training tools to assist AGREE II users to apply the tool;
  3. a discussion forum for ongoing communication.

All features are freely accessible.

The French and the Dutch translation of the AGREE II are already available on the website (see Resource Centre). We would like to encourage translation of the AGREE II in other languages.  The translation protocol can be found on the Resource Centre of our website.

We hope you will find the AGREE II useful in your guideline evaluation and development work.  We welcome your feedback on the AGREE II and the new AGREE website ( ).

More information on the consortium and references can be found on the AGREE website:

Page last updated: Oct 19, 2010
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