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G-I-N website

Are you getting the most from the new G-I-N website? Here is the second part of a series of articles to help familiarise you with the features available on the website

Issue 2 – Using G-I-N clipboard

The clipboard allows you to collect data of specific interests and relevance to you. This feature is comparable to a shopping cart in an online store and allows saving collected data for your future visits. It also allows easier access to collected data from any page of the website. Data is mainly added to the clipboard from your search results page within the International Guideline Library.

Please note the Clipboard feature is not available to Health Library users.

What are the main clipboard features?

  • Creating unlimited themes (“selections”) within your clipboard
  • Saving chosen data from your search results according to the themes you created
  • Printing selections
  • Exporting your selections to EndNote or RefMan

What is a "selection"?

To organise your clipboard you have the ability to create “folders” to store your favourite search results according to specific themes relevant to you (i.e. you can classify your saved items). This is done by creating "selections" within the clipboard.

You are the sole owner of your selections and can create them any way you want. The number of selections that can be created is unlimited.

Example: You may create a selection called "Asthma" to store and export search results related to asthma. Then you may create a second selection called "Diabetes"....

How do I add items to the clipboard?

  1. Perform a search in the International Guideline Library.
  2. Select one or multiple items in the search result table by clicking in the last column of the search results. To select multiple items, press and hold the “Ctrl” or “Cmd” key or use the button "Select all" above the search result table to selects all items on the page (note: this function does not select all search results if they are presented on more than one page).
  3. Once you have selected the items in the search results table (these appear highlighted in blue), new buttons appear above the search result table:
  • "Add .. items in the clipboard" which allows you to add the selected items to one or more selection.
  • "Deselect all" which deselect all highlighted items.
  • You now have to choose the selection(s) to which you wish to add the selected data. Two options can then be used:
    • If you already have created the relevant selections then you can directly click on their names.
    • If you have not previously created the relevant selection then you will first need to create a new one by entering its name and clicking on "add".

    The selected data is now saved in your clipboard selection.

    How to access and manage your clipboard (delete, export, print)?

    1. Click on "My clipboard" at the top right of the website header or from your dashboard.
    2. On your clipboard, choose the selection of items that you want to access by clicking on the selection title. If you wish to delete a selection simply click on the red cross next to the title
    3. You may now export (to EndNote and RefMan) or print the whole selection or delete single items within the selection.


    How can I get more help?

    Last but not least the Help Section gives you more detailed information about how to use the features of the G-I-N Library and of other sections of the website.

    Note: a "Help" or info button can be found on all pages of the International Guideline Library and on the clipboard.


    Health on the Net Code (HONCode)

    The G-I-N website has been reviewed by the HONCode which has renewed its certificate of compliance on 21 June 2010.


    Updating the international guideline library

    To ensure that the international guideline library is kept up to date we ask our members to please send their annual programmes and/or links to their annual programmes to our webmaster, Inga:

    This will also help us ensuring that the library includes the list of documents under development to better inform all G-I-N members and reduce duplication.


    Call for Information

    Please let our webmaster, Inga Koenig, know about any new or updated publications (like guidelines, systematic reviews, evidence reports, guideline clearing reports), changes to your organisation’s contact details, newsletter services or any other information you would like to present on the website, such as training materials or projects. As always we are dependent on member organisations to keep the website up-to-date.

    Inga Koenig:
    Phone: +49-30-4005-2522

    Page last updated: Feb 14, 2015
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