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February 2013 GIRAnet update


Guideline Implementability Tools (GItools).
We surveyed international guideline developers, implementers, and researchers between July and September 2012, to establish criteria by which to select and assess GItools for inclusion in an online directory. Through searching a variety of guidelines and other sources we identified a total of 71 GItools (21 resource implications tools, 44 implementation tools, and 6 evaluation tools). All tools were evaluated against the “required” and “desired” criteria in January 2013 and will soon be accessible on an online directory. We will call upon our GIRAnet Steering Committee and Interest Group, now numbering 126, to evaluate this prototype, and develop a process for reviewing and approving GItools submitted by others to the directory.

2nd Annual Canadian Guideline Implementability Meeting
Carrying forth the momentum generated at the inaugural meeting held in April 2012, we will hold a second meeting in May 2013. The purpose is to (1) Provide Canadian guideline developers, implementers, and researchers with an interactive opportunity to learn about the GItool assessment criteria and directory; (2) Gather feedback on how to improve or supplement, and more broadly disseminate these resources; (3) Enable guideline developers, implementers, and researchers to share information with, and learn from each other about best practices related to GItool development; and (4) Discuss and prioritize next steps for collaborative research.

G-I-N Abstracts
We submitted two abstracts for the G-I-N 2013 conference. One proposes a presentation on the identification and description of exemplar GItools. The second proposes a workshop to share examples of exemplar GItools, showcase the prototype GItool Directory, discuss how to improve these resources, and gather input on future GIRAnet activities. Anna Gagliardi, GIRAnet Lead, is a member of the Scientific Committee for the 2013 G-I-N meeting. We will soon schedule a meeting of the Steering Committee in San Francisco and hope to see you there.

GIRAnet Evaluation
We surveyed G-I-N members in December 2012 to gauge their interest in GIRAnet and the concept of implementability. This information will help us to plan ongoing GIRAnet activities. A total of 204 individuals responded. Almost half noted they were not previously aware of this initiative and, of these, 69% joined the GIRAnet Interest Group. Most were interested in using various knowledge products including a dedicated implementability web site (91%), an implementability framework (83%), directory of GItools (72%), assessment criteria (69%) and an instructional manual describing best practices and resources needed to develop GItools (69%). Preferences for ongoing communication included quarterly G-I-N newsletter (76%) and workshops at annual G-I-N meetings (57%). Numerous individuals expressed interest in active involvement in GIRAnet activities. A full report will soon be available on the G-I-N web site.

Funding Applications
In an effort to acquire funding that would sustain GIRAnet in January 2013 we submitted a letter of intent to the Networks of Centres of Excellence of Canada Knowledge Mobilization competition. In March 2013 they will announce those invited to submit full applications. To acquire research funding that would support ongoing evaluation of the use and impact of GItools we submitted an operating grant to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research in March 2013.

Page last updated: Mar 15, 2013
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