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Editorial: The 'one big thing'

An editorial from Frode Forland - Vice Chair of G-I-N 2012-2013.


What is G-I-N?

What is our core value?

What is our business idea?

What should be the ‘one big thing’ that is the role of G-I-N?

Where do we fit in between other EBM bodies like the Cochrane Collaboration , the international HTA organization, the GRADE group and all other national EBM institutions?

Should we make our guideline library open access, should we focus on our working groups, should we establish a rating system of the guidelines in the G-I-N Library, or is the Annual G-I-N Conference with its networking opportunities the ‘one big thing’ for G-I-N?

These strategic questions are on the agenda for the Board’s discussions in the March meeting in Amsterdam. Highlights from the meeting will appear in the next Newsletter.

Presently G-I-N is also subject to a study which is part of a master thesis in health services research from the University of Toronto, where some of the same questions are asked and where the role of G-I-N on the scene of international knowledge transfer and exchange is discussed. Some of the core findings will be presented in the next newsletter.

In this issue you will find amongst other information about how to improve pain management from a study done on Emergency Care guidelines in Australia, and another example of making unified standards for guidelines development from the Council of Medical Specialty Societies in the US, representing 39 different specialties.

According to our present mission statement, a core value of G-I-N is to share guidelines and to connect people and organizations working in the guideline field. Our guideline library is a great resource and the content is developed by our member organizations, almost all of them nonprofit, publicly funded bodies.

The discussion about making the library open access has been ongoing. It is a difficult balance between attracting members by giving them some benefits and creating interest for G-I-N and the G-I-N website for many and in such a way potentially getting new members. Another issue is to investigate if the guidelines library possibly could be an income source for G-I-N. I look forward to an interesting debate in Amsterdam.

Frode Forland,
Vice Chair

Page last updated: Mar 15, 2013
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