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The Colombian National Cancer Institute

Colombia.jpgThe Colombian National Cancer Institute was created in 1934 and for more than seven decades it has been committed to the provision of a comprehensive approach to prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and research of cancer in the Colombian population. The Institute is based in Bogotá and its mission is to work as a public institution on a national scale for the comprehensive control of cancer. Our vision is to be a leading institution in comprehensive attention, education, and scientific research in cancer care.

  • We believe in quality as the cornerstone of excellence and in the end user as the final objective of all our activity and we acknowledge our ethical, moral, social and economical responsibility with cancer, precancerous conditions and related conditions, towards the country and the national health system.
  • We believe in hard working as a generator of progress and in the transparency and efficiency of our enterprise, which is based on coherence between our principles and our actions. We believe in kindness during the interaction with our patients and employees and we aim to be characterised by the provision of a warm service to our users.
  • We believe in respect for the human being as a biological, psychological and social entity, and in equity and solidarity as basic principles of social justice.
  • We believe in effective communication as a basic element of any plan or strategy.
  • We believe in peace and reconciliation to legitimise our institution in the community.



To find out more about services and collaborative opportunities with the Colombian National Cancer Institute, you can request information through the following channels:


Mail address: Calle 1 No. 9-85, Bogotá, Colombia.


Page last updated: Mar 25, 2010
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