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G-I-N spotlight

G-I-N starts its Allied Health Community of Interest. Join the steering group!

G-I-N is launching a Community of Interest for Allied Health (AH). An objective of the community is to further promote and stimulate multidisciplinary collaboration in clinical guidelines, and to further facilitate and increase interactions between medical and allied health professionals. The G-I-N Board of Trustees agreed to the development of such a community of interest following two successful workshops held at the G-I-N conference in Lisbon in 2009. The Allied Health Community is G-I-N’s second after the establishment of the Emergency Care Community in 2007.

Our definition of Allied Health is broad and includes clinical healthcare professionals that work in a healthcare team and liaise with physicians to deliver quality patient care and improve the system of care. For the purpose of the community we aim to include a wide range of allied health professionals in our group: nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, dieticians, psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, etcetera.


To establish the community we have formulated four activities to be achieved in the coming year:

  1. To establish a steering group for the Allied Health Community.
  2. To open a dedicated section on the G-I-N website.
  3. To provide a toolkit that supports Allied Health Professionals in their participation in guideline activities.
  4. To develop a white paper that addresses the importance of patient functioning and quality of life within clinical guidelines.

Join the steering group

We will establish a steering group to address the objectives of the Allied Health Community. The group is open to all G-I-N members and we kindly invite you to join the steering group. We want to stress the need for multidisciplinary participation in the steering group and therefore seek participation from both medical and allied health professions. This will ensure multidisciplinary collaboration and integration.

How to get involved?

For more information about the Allied Health Community and to join the steering group, please contact the G-I-N Allied Health Community coordinator: Philip van der Wees or visit the Allied Health Community pages.


Moving forward on Implementation

An informal meeting on implementation led by Dave Davis was held at the G-I-N conference in Lisbon in November & attracted a large and lively audience.  People attending wanted G-I-N to take on a greater role in exploring and promoting implementation of guidelines.  There was a general and wide ranging discussion that covered the role of different health professionals in implementation, how to embed implementation strategies and tools within guidelines and whether the process of organisations endorsing guidelines should be improved and should imply a commitment to help with implementation.  A number of specific ideas for G-I-N to consider were raised including:

  • development of a focus on “implementability” of guidelines (in recognition that that implementation is not something separate from the guideline development process but needs to be a foremost consideration throughout development of the guideline)
  • improving the section of the website that provides implementation tools
  • providing members with a list of groups and individuals with expertise in implementation & making this a distinct section of the membership survey
  • ensuring that training sessions on implementation are provided at the annual meeting
  • developing a G-I-N 'community of practice' or working group
  • developing a taxonomy of implementation methods and strategies
  • producing a G-I-N paper on implementation

The meeting concluded with those interested in progressing work on this area within G-I-N providing their contact emails.  A small group subsequently met by teleconference in December to discuss possible G-I-N initiatives and ways in which G-I-N might support members who wish to take an active role in furthering G-I-N’s work in this area.  Ideas that were discussed in detail were: inclusion of specific questions about guideline implementation in the annual member survey so that we identify groups and individuals with expertise in this area; development of a taxonomy of implementation methods based on the work of the Cochrane EPOC Group; and ensuring that we create opportunities at future G-I-N meetings for workshops and training in implementation.

We are aiming to create a community of people interested in implementation and in working further on some of these specific ideas. People who provided their email addresses at the Lisbon meeting should already have received an email about this.  Anyone who was not at the Lisbon meeting but who would be interested in working on this area should contact the G-I-N office:

Page last updated: Mar 23, 2010
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