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G-I-N 2013 update

When this newsletter hits your inbox, there will only be just over 10 weeks to go until the conference. All abstract authors have now been notified and the sessions are being scheduled, as are all of the plenary sessions.


San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge


We think it is shaping up to be a really interesting and enjoyable conference for all participants. Hopefully, you have been on the website over the last few weeks and will have noted the seven courses that we are offering on Sunday 18th August - six full day courses and one two hour workshop. Many of you have already booked your place, but you can still log back in to your registration account and book a place now.

Those courses are:

Developing and Integrating Evidence-Based Guidelines into Practice

This is being run by senior guideline developers from Kaiser Permanente and has a real focus on how they have leveraged the use of IT.

Developing Clinical Guidelines (including lay expertise and health economic assessment)

The focus of this course, led by Hugh McGuire will be to demonstrate, using NICE methodology, how to scope a clinical guideline and, whilst working within a multidisciplinary team, interpret a systematic review in light of clinical and lay expertise, as well as health economics.

GRADE Workshop

Our partners at GRADE, led by Holger Schünemann, will be informing you about the processes involved in evaluating evidence for guideline development using the GRADE approach.

During the workshop you will learn to:

  • Formulate a focused clinical question
  • Move from evidence in single studies to a body of evidence by outcome
  • Understand the concepts of the GRADE approach to grading quality of evidence and deciding on the strength of recommendations
  • Developing Guidelines using the GRADE approach

Implementation Masterclass

Run by real experts and long serving G-I-N members: Sue Huckson, Catherine Marshall and Dave Davis, this Masterclass will lead you through the art and science of implementing evidence-based practice.

Systematic reviewing for effective clinical guidelines

Learn how to undertake a methodologically robust systematic review when time and/or resources are limited.

AGREE II Training workshop

This 2 hour workshop is aimed at anyone new to the AGREE II tool, or who has limited experience in applying the tool. More information from Dr Melissa Brouwers below.

GIRAnet activities in San Francisco

We are excited to announce that two GIRAnet abstracts were accepted for the upcoming G-I-N meeting, one for an oral presentation describing the identification and assessment of GItools, and the second for a workshop during which we will showcase and gather feedback on the GItool Directory.

We will also host a two-hour GIRAnet interest group meeting on the afternoon of Sunday August 18 from 2 to 4 pm during which we will introduce GIRAnet, describe exemplar GItools, demonstrate the GItool Directory, and explore collaborations for the joint development and evaluation of GItools. This will be an open meeting, where we hope to welcome both old friends and those who are curious about the GIRAnet activities. Additionally, the annual meeting of the GIRAnet Steering Committee will take place on Tuesday 20 August from 7:30 to 8:45am. As the new Chair of the G-I-N Implementation Working Group (IWG), Anna Gagliardi will meet with the IWG Steering Committee on Monday August 19 at the 12:30 pm lunch break to generate a strategic plan for ongoing activities.


Jessica Cheng
GIRAnet Research and Communications Coordinator

Anna Gagliardi
Associate Professor, University of Toronto Scientist, Toronto General Research Institute

Implementation Masterclass - welcome from the team

The course will be led by Sue Huckson from Australia and Dave Davis from the US and Catherine Marshall from NZ. Additional guest speakers and panel members will be attending to talk about their experiences implementing guidelines. Join us for a practical introduction to the art and science of implementing evidence-based practice and guidelines with experts who have both developed and implemented guidelines. Book early as this course has been very popular at the G-I-N conferences in Seoul and Berlin and at the recent Cochrane Colloquium in Auckland NZ!

Objectives of the course

During the course you will explore and understand the process for implementation through:

  • Identifying barriers and enablers
  • selecting appropriate interventions
  • selecting measures to demonstrate practice change
  • start developing a plan for implementation
  • network and share practical experience with experts in the implementation of guidelines.

This Masterclass is designed to provide a brief insight into the theories around guideline implementation as well as giving you practical workshop challenges so you can build up an implementation plan during the day. You will also have a chance to mix with and hear from G-I-N members who have experience in both developing and implementing guidelines and other evidence-based projects.

Over the course of the day we will draw on real examples from different care settings. The implementation plan you develop will be designed to address the needs of policy makers, health practitioners, patients and consumers.


Like many of you, the AGREE II Research Team is really excited about attending the GIN 2013 conference in beautiful San Francisco. We hope to have the opportunity to meet many of you there. We will be running an AGREE II short course on Sunday, August 18th. Melissa Brouwers and Julie Makarski from the AGREE II Research Team will be the key facilitators.

During the two hour action-packed participatory session you will learn about the background of the AGREE and AGREE II, how to best optimize the AGREE II as a tool to evaluate CPGs and to guide their development and reporting, the strengths and limitations of the tool, and finally, we will provide a sneak preview of the new projects the team is working on. This workshop is best suited to beginners and novices to CPGs. Why don’t you join us there? We would love to see you.

To register, follow this link (

Developing Clinical Guidelines

Following a successful pre-conference course in Berlin, Hugh McGuire is coming back with colleagues to run the Developing Clinical Guidelines course for G-I-N conference delegates.

He is a senior research fellow at the National Collaborating Centre for Women’s and Children’s Health (NCC-WCH) and is responsible for the methodological aspects of guideline development including scoping, resource calculation, systematic reviewing and liaison with clinical experts and lay members. He was involved in the development and running of this course at G-I-N 2012 in Berlin and the 3-day
equivalent at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in 2012.

Hugh has also worked for the Cochrane Depression, Anxiety and Neurosis review group as a Trials search coordinator and contributes to a number of Cochrane reviews with different review groups.

One of his co-presenters is Nicole Elliott, who is an Associate Director in the Centre for Clinical Practice at the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. Nicole has worked at NICE for over 10 years and is responsible for the Institute’s Internal Clinical Guidelines Programme which develops both short and standard guidelines for the NHS.

These products integrate, where appropriate with those produced by the health technology evaluation and public health excellence centres, to form comprehensive prevention and treatment recommendations for practitioners in the NHS and the wider public health community.

Prior to working at NICE, Nicole held positions at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, East London and City Health Authority and the Southern Regional Health Authority (in New Zealand). Join them for a holistic course in Guideline Development.

Najoua Mlika-Cabanne award

Nominations will open shortly for the second Najoua Mlika-Cabanne award.
This is given in memory of Najoua, an inspiring leader and founder member of the G-I-N Board, who died in 2011. The award will acknowledge an individual’s contribution to innovation in the methodology, development, and /or implementation of clinical practice guidelines.

Details will follow shortly!

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