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Editorial: Back to Basics

An editorial from Richard Rosenfeld, MD, MPH: G-I-N Trustee and Newsletter Editor.

In the March 2013 newsletter, G-I-N Vice Chair Frode Forland raised the provocative Editorialquestion “What should be the ‘one big thing’ that is the role of G-I-N?” As we enter G-I-N’s second decade of existence the question is more timely than ever.

Sometimes the answer can be as simple as looking in the mirror, or - in our case - looking
at the last word of our own name: Guidelines International Network. Networking is clearly the raison d’être for G-I-N. Of all topics debated at the recent Board of Trustees meeting in Amsterdam perhaps the least controversial was designating
“networking” as the “one big thing” that defines our organization.

Staying current with guideline methodology and best practices is a continual challenge, one that is best conquered with a vibrant and robust global network of organizations and individuals. G-I-N serves this role admirably through its newsletter, annual conference, diverse working groups, and exciting new regional initiatives.

What is the future of G-I-N? Keeping in mind our networking focus we are exploring strategies to make the website into a state of the art collaborative space that facilitates member communication. We also look forward to an enhanced newsletter and a new webinar series. But most importantly the future lies with our
members, whose collective wisdom, enthusiasm, and quest for excellence helps us shine.

After 10 years G-I-N has emerged as a major player on the global healthcare quality stage. We facilitate networking, promote passion, and recognize excellence. Our members are individually great, but together they ensure a bright and exciting future.

On behalf of myself and the entire G-I-N Board of Trustees thank you for supporting G-I-N as an individual or organizational member! We look forward to unsurpassed networking in San Francisco.

Richard Rosenfeld, MD, MPH
G-I-N Trustee and Newsletter Editor

Page last updated: Jun 07, 2013
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