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News from Cancer Council Australia's Clinical Guidelines Network (CGN)

Cancer Council Australia's Clinical Guidelines Network (CGN)

Cancer Council Australia.JPGCancer Council Australia's Clinical Guidelines Network (CGN) develops and disseminates high quality, evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for the prevention, diagnosis and management of cancer. It is a service provided by Cancer Council Australia to inform clinical practice and ultimately improve cancer management in Australia. In addition, CGN also produces evidence-based information targeted towards consumers. In order to achieve its mission, the CGN links clinical experts, professional bodies and societies with an interest in cancer.

Established in 1994, the CGN has 18 years of experience in producing cancer-related guidelines for the Australian health context.

More recently Cancer Council Australia has developed a wiki-based Cancer Guidelines Portal for developing, revising and publishing up-to-date online clinical practice guidelines Unlike written guidelines, wiki-based guidelines are constantly updated as new evidence becomes available and are linked to source abstracts and other evidence-based sites that add to the value of visiting the wiki site.

More than 70 interest groups, covering basic science through medical and nursing care to public health are associated with the Network. The Network collaborates with the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia and many of these organisations to draw upon their members’ clinical expertise to produce clinical practice guidelines and meet its objectives.

CGN’s key objectives are to:

  • Produce and disseminate high quality, evidence-based up-to-date cancer related clinical practice guidelines
  • Improve cancer related clinical practice guideline implementation and uptake
  • Support, engage and collaborate with the Australian and international guideline development and implementation community, including relevant government bodies
  • Offer advice on cancer-related health outcomes to a range of interest groups (including professionals, government, community organisations and people affected by cancer)
  • Consult with interest groups and stakeholders
  • Be a clearinghouse for information concerned with patterns of:
  1. practice
  2. treatment outcome indicators
  3. development and dissemination of best practice guidelines
  • Gain the perspectives and experiences of consumers and cancer care providers
  • Improve the delivery of cancer services and care
  • Support efforts to develop a national cancer control plan…


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Page last updated: Jul 03, 2012
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