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G-I-N 2012

Some highlights in anticipation of G-I-N 2012.

G-I-N 2012: "Global Evidence - International Diversity"

G-I-N celebrating 10 years.JPGCome and celebrate with us 10 years of G-I-N in Berlin this August.

A record number of 441 individuals from 45 countries have already secured their place to attend G-I-N 2012. Have you?

You can still register to attend this year’s annual conference and pre-conference events.

Register now


International experts in fields relevant to guidelines will be presenting in five plenary sessions.

  1. 10 years of G-I-N: Lessons learned and future vision.
  2. One guideline methodology for all?
  3. Do guidelines make a difference?
  4. Patient involvement in guideline development
  5. Knowledge Translation 2020

Plenary speakers G-I-N 2012.jpg

To learn more about the sessions and plenary speakers visit the conference website:

Interactive Workshops and Panel Sessions

  • Implementing evidence-based guideline recommendations: progress with the DECIDE project
  • Guideline derived performance measures: what do guideline and performance measure developers need from each other?
  • Appraising and Using Non-RCT Evidence in Clinical Guideline Production
  • Supporting champions for national evidence and skills for local implementation - NICE Fellows and Scholars share their learning
  • Guideline Adaptation: different methods, different experiences, mapping a way forward
  • Updating guidelines - a delicate balance at every stage of the process
  • Assessing evidence for diagnostic imaging in clinical practice guidelines
  • Methods of Public and Patient Involvement - a Toolkit
  • Challenges in the criteria-guided appraisal of conflicts of interest of guideline panellists
  • Enhancing the process and practice of guideline development in developing countries: What can G-I-N do to facilitate the process?
  • Toward a Framework for International Guideline Collaboration
  • Teaching critical appraisal skills to the guideline working group members - experience from three centres
  • Evidence tables V: Prognostic and economic evaluation templates; GINDER
  • Beyond clinical and cost effectiveness: how to address health equity in clinical guidelines
  • ‘Best practice’ or patient choice: how can clinical guidelines and patient decision aids unite to improve patient experience and care?
  • Moving from evidence to recommendations: a framework proposal for guideline developers
  • De nova or adapted guideline development: which method to choose?
  • The GRADE approach to assessing the quality of a body of evidence and the strength of recommendations: Diagnosis
  • Barriers to clinical guidelines implementation from the Arab world's perspective: brainstorming the solutions


Review the outline of the programme on the conference website:

All accepted abstracts are in the process of being published in the journal e-GMS.

Participants to the conference will be provided with a link to these abstracts as well as to the full programme sometime between the mid-July and the start of August to enable preparing the conference thus ensuring that you can make the most out of it.


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Pre-conference programme (22 August 2012)

To celebrate 10 years of G-I-N we have also prepared a full pre-conference programme where participants can choose from 4 day courses and a German language symposium.

Guideline Implementation:

Clinical Guideline Development:

Heath Economics in Guidelines:


German Language Symposium:


Registrations for the conference and pre-conference programme are still open. Don’t miss on the opportunity to join colleagues and learn more on specific topics!


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Sponsorship opportunities

Are you interested in promoting your organization to the international guideline world?

While the scientific committee is working on the development of a stimulating program we would like to provide you with the opportunity to become sponsor and/or exhibitor at the conference.

With the success of the conference heavily reliant on financial support, we are asking you: Are you willing to sponsor the next G-I-N conference?

A full list of sponsorship opportunities is available on the conference website at

If you / your organization are not in a position to sponsor next year’s event, perhaps you have contacts who may. In such case, please forward any names or associations that you think may be interested in sponsoring the conference to who is managing the sponsorship for G-I-N 2012.


To learn more about the conference and Berlin please visit

We also encourage you to speak about the conference with colleagues and provide you with communication tools via our dedicated web page:

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Berlin at the end of August 2012.

G-I-N Conference 2012 postcard front

G-I-N 2013

We are delighted to let you know that the 10th G-I-N annual conference will take place in San Francisco, California and be co-hosted by Kaiser Permanente in August-September.

More information, including a link to join the conference mailing list will be provided in the next issue of the enGINe and on the G-I-N website.


External events

Access our updated list of relevant external events.

Page last updated: Jul 03, 2012
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