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enGINe July 2012

The newsletter is available both as a pdf as well as readable online (via the below links).

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Important dates

Annual General Meeting in Berlin, Germany 22 August 2012
Annual conference 22-25 August 2012
Conference, co-sponsored by G-I-N North America, on “Evidence-based Guidelines Affecting Policy, Practice and Stakeholders” 10-11 December 2012

Editorial April 2012

Dear colleagues,

Our conference in Berlin is approaching fast and we have reached a record high of more than 400 submitted abstracts across 44 countries. So the next step is to set a record for conference attendees! And we have a special reason to aim for records this year, because G-I-N is celebrating its 10th anniversary. [...]

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Elections G-I-N Board 2012

The elections took place in May-June 2012 and results will be announced at the Annual General Meeting this August in Berlin, Germany.

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Feedback from G-I-N membership's survey

Some results from the survey that will help the Board in taking action during the following year and in formulating the soon to be updated strategy.

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G-I-N 2012: "Global Evidence - International Diversity"

Some highlights in anticipation of the conference.

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External events


Important developments

Information about the panel session prepared by the adaptation steering group, feedback on the survey related to the Annals paper, update from G-I-N North America and its webinar and conference at the end of the year, and an update on GIRAnet.

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News from members

Cancer Council Australia's Clinical Guidelines Network (CGN).

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Literature update

A selection of guideline related literature covering the period April - June 2012.

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G-I-N library update

New in the International Guideline Library – 2 April 2012 to 25 June 2012

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Watch for the next issue

The next issue of enGINe is planned to be published in September - October 2012.

As always the enGINe would like to know more about you!

Please get in touch to tell us about you, your organisation, your work programme, your ambitions. Perhaps even your problems – the G-I-N community could have the answers you are looking for!

If you wish to include some information in the next issue please send your pieces by 10th September 2012 to

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