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Networking with G-I-N

G-I-N Conference in 2010, Chicago!

"Integrating Knowledge. Improving Outcomes."

Dates: August 25th to 28th, 2010

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Conference website:

Learn more about the plenary speakers: click here

You can view the programme at a glance here and we invite you to visit the conference website for more detailed information on the sessions.

Online registration still open!

Conference registration fees


USD 850


USD 950


USD 450


USD 450

Gala diner

USD 149

* Members fees include free participation at the welcome reception and at the gala diner

** Fees include free participation at the welcome reception


Pre-conference courses are proposed on August 25, they include:


More information on the course and the programme are available here.

ACCP Methodology course


G-I-N 2011 Conference

SouthKoreaFlag.jpgThe 8th G-I-N Conference will take place in Seoul, Korea on August 28-31, 2011. The conference will take place at the Inchon Memorial Hall, Korea University.

The organisation of the conference will be supported by the Korean Academy of Medical Science and the Institute of Evidence-Based Medicine of the University of Korea. This year’s scientific committee is chaired by Rich Rosenfeld (US). The vice-chair of the committee is Tae-Hwan Lim (KR). Other participants are from Korea, Canada, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Hong-Kong, Singapore, The Netherlands and Taiwan.

More information is available here.

Would you like to see a specific topic featured at the 2011 conference? Suggestion can be added online via a dedicated discussion board on the G-I-N website by August 31st 2010:


where should we host future conferences? 2012 and beyond - where next for G-I-N?

The venue for the annual G-I-N meeting has a real influence on the flavour of the conference and gives members an opportunity to understand how different cultural influences impact on guideline development and implementation. If you are a G-I-N organisational member that is interested in hosting the 9th G-I-N conference in 2012 then we are pleased to invite you to submit a full proposal to the G-I-N office by July 1st, 2011. If you are interested to submit a proposal for a later year please do not hesitate contacting us.

More information on the hosting of G-I-N conferences and the content of the proposals can be found on the G-I-N website. To obtain detailed information please contact the G-I-N Executive Officer (Magali Remy-Stockinger):

Page last updated: Jul 07, 2010
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