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G-I-N website

Are you getting the most from the new G-I-N website? Introducing a new series of articles to help familiarise you with the features available on the website

Part 1 – using the International Guidelines Library

G-I-N members can log on to the G-I-N website to access the world’s largest guideline database with more than 6,700 entries, including guidelines, supporting resources and direct links to original documents.
Don’t forget that the Guideline Library is now available publicly but with lower capacities. Without logging in to the site non-members and members can search for results on guideline title, organisation, country, type and date of publication. But for the benefit of all the extra features and detailed information about the publications in the library – don’t forget to log in!

There are three ways to find what you are looking for in the international guidelines library:

  1. use the quick search available on almost all pages of the website or
  2. use the basic search option
  3. use the advanced search option

Using the basic and advanced search options:

The basic search allows you to use keywords, select your preferred language and publication type. The advanced search provides further options such as selecting authors, MeSH terms, publication status or country.

Additional features

Sitting above the search tabs in the screen shot above are two additional features “My searches” and “Recent Searches”.

What are "My Searches"?

Every time you perform a search in the Library, you have the option of saving your search so that you can use it again in the future and/or combine it with other searches.

What are "Recent Searches"?

Every time you perform a search in the Library, your search criteria are temporarily stored in the section “Recent Searches”. Your searches are stored for as long as you are logged in the website.

How do I save My Searches?

You can store a search using the “Save As” button in the “Recent Searches” section. This will transfer the search from “Recent Searches” to “My Searches”.

How do I combine searches?

Both the Recent Searches and the My Searches sections offer an option to “Use/Combine” to allow formerly performed searches to be reused.
Note: You have to be on the search page itself to see the “use/combine” button. This function is not available on the search results page.

How do I manage my search results?

You can sort by title, organisation, type of entry, date, relevant countries and status: just click on the arrow behind the title of each column and the arrow will turn green.

The first column of the search results table helps you compare the relevance of the hits to your search criteria.

Decide on the number of hits per pages you wish to see by using the "Hitlist" button.

Would you like more detailed information about particular items identified in the search?

By clicking on the title link (in blue) you can access more detailed information for a guideline including, but not limited to: contact information, MeSH terms and a link to the document.

Did you know you can export your search results to EndNote or Reference Manager?

The international guideline library allows you to export your search results for use with the software EndNote and Reference Manager. To do this use the “Export to EndNote” and “Export to RefMan” buttons at the top and bottom of the search results page to choose the export format that suits you best.

Top Tips

You can hide or unhide your recent searches and saved searches by using the arrow at the end of the relevant line.

Your recent and saved searches can also be accessed from your personal dashboard.
The dashboard is often the first screen you see after having logged-in, but you can also find it by clicking on your name as the top right of each of the website pages, or on the "My G-I-N" link (also at the top right of the pages).

How can I get more help?

Last but not least the Help Section ( gives you more detailed information about how to use the features of the G-I-N Library and of other sections of the website.

Come and meet the website team at the annual conference in Chicago!

We will be in Chicago to present the new website and to demonstrate some of the numerous functionalities available. We will also provide you with some tips on how to make even better use of the wealth of information included in the G-I-N website.


Updating the international guideline library

To ensure that the international guideline library is kept up to date we ask our members to please send their annual programmes and/or links to their annual programmes to our webmaster, Inga:

This will also help us ensuring that the library includes the list of documents under development to better inform all G-I-N members and reduce duplication.

Call for Information

Please let our webmaster, Inga Koenig, know about any new or updated publications (like guidelines, systematic reviews, evidence reports, guideline clearing reports), changes to your organisation’s contact details, newsletter services or any other information you would like to present on the website, such as training materials or projects. As always we are dependent on member organisations to keep the website up-to-date.

Inga Koenig:
Phone: +49-30-4005-2522

Page last updated: Jul 07, 2010
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