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Health Development Institute, Kazakhstan

HDI KZ.jpgThe Health Development Institute (HDI) was founded in 1994 for the conduct of applied scientific research in the field of public health policy, administration and economics. The purpose of HDI is scientific support of reforming and the dynamic development of the health system of independent Kazakhstan in a market economy. The main activities of the HDI are: standardization and evaluation of medical technology, economic and marketing research in health and development of information technology in health care. In frameworks of the Kazakhstan Health Sector Technology Transfer and Institutional Reform Project in 2009, as part of HDI, the Scientific and Practical Center of Standardization and Health Technologies Assessment were founded. Main tasks of the Center are health technology assessment implementation in Kazakhstan and establishment of a stable system of continuous development and revision of clinical guidelines, based on evidence-based medicine. HDI and the Center, with the support of Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan, are the initiators of the joint efforts of decision makers for an implement the principles of evidence-based medicine and clinical guidelines in the Central Asian region. One of the major activities in this direction was the holding of a Central Asian conference in Astana in 2010. Currently the center, in collaboration with leading medical organizations in the country, is actively working on five clinical guidelines, which cover several common chronic diseases, and prevention issues. The Center is suggesting for next year developing 60 clinical guidelines on the five priority areas.

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Relaunch of CBO as a TNO company

In October 2010 the Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement (CBO) was declared bankrupt.

Now a new CBO has been relaunched as a separate organization embedded in TNO, an independent large research organization dedicated to applying scientific and technical knowledge towards strengthening the innovative power of industry and government. All projects and programs of the Dutch Institute of Healthcare Improvement (CBO) have been taken over by the new organization.

The expected synergy with TNO regarding health care quality is very promising for CBO in the field of evidence based guideline development and implementation.

The new CBO management is satisfied that it can supply the full range of expertise required for enhancing health care quality.

Page last updated: Jan 25, 2011
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