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G-I-N website - Issue 3

Are you getting the most from the new G-I-N website? Here is the third part of a series of articles to help familiarise you with the features available on the website.

Using G-I-N Relevant literature database

The relevant literature database provides you with a selection of papers on guideline methods, development and implementation thus leading you to key papers in the area. The database is updated at least 3 times a year according to the list of papers selected by the editorial team of enGINe following the performance of systematic searches.

Main search features

You can search the G-I-N Literature database by

  • Author
  • Title and/or
  • Keyword.

Tips: If searching by keywords, like in the Guideline Library, the Boolean search (AND and OR) is available and the asterisk (*) can be used as a truncation character.

Your search results can be sort on author(s), title and publication date.

Relevant Literature:


As you know one of G-I-N's aims is not to duplicate efforts. We therefore provide you access to relevant guideline development and implementation tools developed by other groups. Please let us know if you feel that something is missing.

  • The AGREE Instrument
  • The ADAPTE Manual and Resource Toolkit for guideline adaptation
  • GLIA (Guideline Implementability Appraisal)

  • GEM (Guideline Elements Model)


Development and training resources

The library also includes a useful section providing links to development and training resources developed by G-I-N and its working groups as well as by the G-I-N members. The resources are grouped by theme and step following guideline development processes. Resources are available in various languages.

  1. Guidelines methods and background information on guideline development and use
  2. Selection of guideline topics
  3. Guideline development group; consensus reaching & considered judgement
  4. Definition of aims & key questions
  5. Evidence resources & review; evidence tables
  6. Formulating guideline recommendations and guideline writing
  7. Quality measures and audit criteria development
  8. Consultation and peer review
  9. Guideline dissemination & implementation
  10. Guideline appraisal, review and updating
  11. Patient/consumer related guideline activities
  12. Ethical, legal and resource implications
  13. Declaration of interests
  14. Glossaries
  15. Quality tools
  16. Educational tools

Development and training resources:

Send your comments

In order to improve the functionality and user friendliness of the website and to better answer to your needs we would be pleased to receive your comments on the website in general, its usability, tools, etc.

Call for Information

Please let our webmaster, Inga Koenig, know about any new or updated publications (like guidelines, systematic reviews, evidence reports, guideline clearing reports), changes to your organisation’s contact details, newsletter services or any other information you would like to present on the website, such as training materials or projects. As always we are dependent on member organisations to keep the website up-to-date.

Inga Koenig:
Phone: +49-30-4005-2522

Page last updated: Jan 25, 2011
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