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Update from ISQua

Diagnostic Imaging Pathways (DIP) is an online education and decision support resource for health service professionals,
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Simone van Dulmen - Update from ISQua

Simone von DulmenISQua stands for The International Society for Quality in Health Care. ISQua’s goal is to:

Inspire, promote and support continuous improvement in the safety and quality of health care worldwide.
In October 2012, the annual conference with more than 1000 delegates took place in Geneva, Switzerland.

On the last day of the conference, in a parallel session focused on patient centered care, on behalf of the G-I-N Allied Health Steering Group I had the opportunity to promote G-I-N and to present our position paper we developed with the Allied Health Steering Group.

The position paper described the essential elements of a patient-centered approach in best practice guideline development. It includes a checklist for guideline developers, guideline implementers and health care providers. In particular, the checklist was perceived as very interesting by the audience, because it provides information on the barriers and facilitators which might help to define strategies for patient-centered care.

Informed by a literature review and a Nominal Group Technique within the G-I-N Allied Health Steering group, four recommendations were identified to enhance a patientcentered approach in clinical guidelines: 1) to use a joint definition of Health Related Quality of Life , 2) to use the International Classification of Functioning as a construct which covers all domains related to the patient’s health, 3) to include a shared decision making model, and 4) to incorporate health outcome measures.Those topics were discussed at a workshop at an annual conference and an internet discussion board and resulted in a checklist for guideline developers, guideline implementers and health care providers.

The link to the website:

Sonja KerstenSonja Kersten

GIN board member and Head of the Guideline development department at IKNL (Association of Comprehensive Cancer Centres) was also invited to speak at the ISQUA conference in Geneva on patient participation in guideline development. See Sonja’s report below:

"IKNL, together with the patient association federation and the Athena intstitute, studied actors and factors that hinder or stimulate successful patient participation. The study showed that to have at least 2 patient(representative)s on a guideline development group (GDG) is crucial. That it is important for patient(representative)s to be trained in the field of guideline development, to have an open and active attitude and to be facilitated by IKNL’s process manager. The process manager makes sure that the patient(representative)s find a platform in the GDG to ‘speak up’.

The process manager has to facilitate the patient(representative)s with specific tools and support, since tone of voice and timing are important. The care professionals and chair (mostly one of the care professionals) have to prevent jargon and expose a sense of urgency that patient participation is essential for guideline development. The communication and relationship between all actors on the group also seems very important.

The presentation was given as a ‘pitch’, in 3 minutes. We had a lively discussion afterwards. The chair of the session provided me with the opportunity to elaborate on GIN’s mission and goals during the discussion. Free PR possibilities, very much appreciated, not only by me, but also by the attendees! I say: find some extra chairs in San Francisco!"

Page last updated: Dec 14, 2012
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