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The paper "Towards International Standards for Clinical Practice Guidelines" written by the 2010–11 G-I-N Board of Trustees
and published in April 2012 in the Annals of Internal Medicine has now been translated into Italian by GIMBE Foundation ( and published in the Italian journal "Evidence" (

The paper is available at:

A working party of the G-I-N Emergency Care community undertook a survey in 2010 to identify the preferred attributes of guidelines to improve the usability and uptake of evidence based recommendations. Samar Aboulsoud , Sue Huckson, and fellow G-I-N members Peter Wyer and Eddy Lang have now published the results of this work in the International Journal of Emergency Medicine.

Results of the survey were presented at the 9th G-I-N Conference (2011) held in Seoul and can be seen here:

Survey of preferred guideline attributes: what helps to make guidelines more useful for emergency health practitioners?
Aboulsoud S, Huckson S, Wyer P and Lang E. International Journal of Emergency Medicine 2012, 5:42 (10 November 2012).

Page last updated: Jan 23, 2013
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