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Dutch G-I-N members rejoiced with Genever

On November 30th, the Dutch G-I-N members– and special guest Frode Forland(G-I-N Vice Chair) - shared their achievements of the past six months and ideas for the future.

Dutch G-I-N Members

Each participant received a small bottle of genever as a symbolic gesture.

Bottle G-I-N

Genever - the Dutch alcoholic beverage that gin is based on – means GEzamelijk, Nederlands Verbond voor Excellente Richtlijnen: united Dutch alliance of excellent guidelines.

Through various presentations they discussed "appraising different kinds of knowledge in guideline development", how to formulate recommendations without available RCTs, SRs or MAs, "implementing guidelines in child care", different strategies to implement important recommendations, the "Dutch Guideline Database", one database for all Dutch healthcare guidelines, introducing level of evidence "P" (patients opinion) in "WIKI as a participating tool for patients", and the IKNL-KCE-SIGN Love Story about international collaboration.

The members agreed that more effort should be invested in frequently sharing ideas for collaboration rather then just sharing results.

Sharing common steps in guideline development prevents duplication of effort. In overlapping research questions, steps like literature search, selection of evidence, review and synthesis of evidence and literature monitoring saves time and money!

Page last updated: Dec 14, 2012
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